Luxurious backyard swimming pool after being built, shows covered patio with furniture and the pool lights are on. The resources available through Build Your Own Pool help homeowners with the steps of designing and building a backyard pool.


Homeowners can expect help with all of the following:

  • Pool designers who can help you design your own pool to fit an existing backyard.
  • Permit resources, such as links to applications and guidelines for local cities and counties.
  • Links to local structural engineers who can provide homeowners with the engineering they need to submit swimming pool plans to the city or county.
  • Contractor selection: once a pool has been designed, Build Your Own Pool will help with the process of sending the plan out for bids for each stage of construction.
  • ALL BYOP Designs come with an exclusive equipment purchase agreement with our sister company, Wholesale Pool Equipment. With every Pentair Pool equipment purchase Wholesale Pool Equipment offers 3 and 5 year factory warranties and cost savings on top of the line equipment.
  • Pool equipment from Build Your Own Pool wholesale website Wholesale Pool Equipment, provides homeowners with all of the pumps, filters, heaters, and everything else a pool needs.  This is a factory-authorized dealer with full factory warranties, and shipping within the Phoenix Metro area is free.  Also, feel free to stop by our Arizona location at 2451 W. Birchwood Avenue, #101, Mesa, AZ 85202 or our Texas location at 3709 Promontory Point Dr Ste 248 Austin, TX 78744.
  • Downloading our Swimming Pool Planning and Design Guide and viewing our frequently asked questions helps homeowners more easily manage construction stages.  These resources provide guides to understand each stage of construction and ensure that the right path is followed.
  • Start-up and maintenance help for after the pool has been completed and filled with water.  It will guide homeowners through the start-up process and has helpful tips on keeping a swimming pool healthy.


To get more information about the pool building process with BYOP, visit our blog page – “The BYOP Process: How to Build Your Own Pool.”