Adding Water Features

Water Features text and image shows building process of rock waterfall in a swimming pool. Just as a pool design fits and enhances the space of your back yard, a water feature, like this waterfall, should match and compliment your pool.
A waterfall can create a space for relaxation, romance or party depending on how it is designed and built. Here are a few things to keep in mind while choosing your water features

Height, Depth, Material and Water Speed

A low, smooth waterfall from a tile edged wall says relaxation. What better place is there to relax and soak up the gentle sound of moving water?
Take that waterfall a little higher, turn the up the pressure and hide a softly lit grotto behind it and you have a romantic hide away.
Higher still, rushing off the custom rock ledge you’ve created and you have excellent jumping rock!

Consider the goal you have for your backyard, our in house designer will have no problem translating your dream into reality. Don’t hold back, mix and match your favorite water features and we’ll bring them together in the way that fits you best for thousands less than you will see them anywhere else.

Make a statement, make your own rules, Build Your Own Pool and Save Thousands.