Pool Equipment Purchase Agreement

In addition, you also agree to purchase and take delivery of the pool equipment necessary for the
operation of your pool based on the plans designed during the Build Your Own Pool process. Wholesale Pool Equipment (WholesalePoolEquipment.com) offers a competitive pricing structure that was designed for the BYOP customer.

It is the policy of Wholesale Pool Equipment to provide a price matching service on all equipment
packages, when requested. WPE.com will match any recognized, manufacturer authorized pool
equipment dealer when comparing package prices. This does not apply to individual line items, parts or pieces required to complete an equipment package order. WPE.com requires a written, verifiable
estimate, with stated skew or recognized manufacture item/stock numbers to verify prices and holds
the right to refuse a sale when it’s in the best interest of the company (WholesalePoolEquipment.com).
The operation and subsequent follow-up during the pool building process is facilitated by the use of
proper construction methods, the use of licensed, bonded sub-contractors and the purchase and use of the equipment specified by your pools design.

Ensure you verify the contractor status with local licensing agencies as well as the state bonding status with regarding to insurance capability and capacity of those sub-contractors you choose. Check with your home owner’s insurance company to understand your coverage in case of damage or injury of those connected to your pool construction project.

The designs, plans and pictures that we provide are for the use of planning and implementing the Build Your Own Pool program. They do not ensure the proper and complete construction success or meeting guidelines of all local, state and federal regulations for construction or code requirements.
All plans, designs and pictures remain the property of Build Your Own Pool, LLC. Any pictures,
experiences of your pool construction can be used for subsequent marketing and use in the promotion of BYOP and its affiliates without recourse or compensation by you (BYOP client) or those included with such digital submissions.