Homeowner and General Contractor Swimming Pool Builders in San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas on a map.Texas heat demands homeowners to add a pool to their yard. But, if you have been pool shopping recently, you are probably battling with two emotions: excitement and alarm! The price of an in-ground pool may appear to be way out of your budget, and sticker shock might tempt you to give up on your dream. But there is a way to build an affordable pool without sacrificing quality.

Have you considered a do-it-yourself project, rather than hiring a pool company? Homeowners can save thousands of dollars while adding valuable equity to their Texas home. Build Your Own Pool has over 30 years of experience helping homeowners in San Antonio, Texas, install their swimming pools. And this is something you can do! Professional pool builders are ready and available to help you build a pool.

Homeowner and General Contractor

Pool companies hire general contractors to oversee subcontractors who perform essential jobs. With the help of Build Your Own Pool, you will take on the role of the general contractor, remove the middleman and pocket the money that you would pay the pool company. As the general contractor, you will choose a pool plan, pool design and hire the subcontractors. But you will never be alone. You will complete the pool project with the assistance of experts.

1. Choose a Pool Package

Building a pool in San Antonio, Texas, has never been easier. Each pool plan package from Build Your Own Pool provides valuable tools for the project, including pool blueprints, experts to answer all of your questions, permit assistance, a list of recommended contractors and so much more.

2. Choose a Pool Design

There are all different types of pools. Review pool designs on the Build Your Own Pool website. Consider the shape, size, and location of your pool. Enjoy the gallery of pool pictures for inspiration. You will find excellent pool design ideas to help you turn your home into a mini oasis with an in-ground pool and customized water features, such as a hot tub or waterfall.

What would you like your pool to provide? If your family and friends own pools, ask what they love about their pool or wish that they had done differently. Asking your friends questions about their experience can provide you with valuable information. A friend can point out that a waterfall may splash your face repeatedly if you position the bench too close to the water spray. Another friend may share the immense pleasure their family receives from their diving board or water slide. Take your time to choose the right BYOP pool design for your home.

3. Choose Pool Subcontractors

Pool subcontractors will help to build your pool, so having experienced Arizona contractors is essential. A list of trusted, insured contractors is included with the Basic, Preferred and Premier pool plans. Many of the recommended local contractors also work for big pool companies so that the same contractors will build your pool with the necessary warranties. The best part is that you will save thousands of dollars!

4. Request Prices

Ask several subcontractors to provide prices for the electrical work, plumbing, excavating, landscaping, and more. Do not accept verbal bids. Most contractors will provide the homeowner with a minimal charge. Avoid adding impromptu extras because it will quickly increase the cost of your pool. Keep a record of each of the hired contractors, their phone numbers, and all receipts. You may need to call a contractor back in the future to fix something or if the work isn’t complete.

5. Stay Organized

Get written contracts to alleviate confusion and save money. Keep the written agreements together in one place with the blueprints. When you schedule the work, make sure that each of the subcontractors clearly understands their responsibility and the time-frame for their work to be completed. You can also choose to do some of the work yourself to save even more money. Many homeowners do various projects themselves, but this can extend the project completion date. The process moves along quickly and is typically finished in eight to 12 weeks, depending on extra features like decking and landscaping.

Contact Build Your Own Pool

Build Your Own Pool offers everything that is needed, including access to affordable loans. Complete a brief, 60-second inquiry and find out the approved amount within 24 hours. If you would like to add a beautiful pool to your home, visit BYOP to get started today.