BYOP swimming pool plan specifications form.

If you are looking for pool design and pool construction services you’ve finally found the resource that gives you everything you need to build your own pool. We are the experts in pool design and pool construction, so you don’t have to be. We’ll provide you with a professionally designed template or a custom design based on the pool of your dreams, then assist you every step of the way.

The perfect way to relax in the hot summer months is by taking a swim in a cool place. What’s better than that is if it’s your own pool. Hiring a company to do it all for you can be costly. Save money and time by following our 12 steps to pool building success!



Finding something you already like and getting it down on paper. Or imagining your own perfect pool project. You can gather inspiration from magazines or books dedicated to pool design.

1. Imagine It

2. Draw it 1/8” scale

       • One pictorial representation of your entire backyard.

3. Budget It

4. Get Permits & Equipment

      • Check with your HOA, city or county officials.

      • Have a list of all parts you need delivered and ready prior to the plumbing phase of the project.



Laying Out Your Pool

No doubt the easiest step in the process! After all the work put in to designing the pool, now is the time to see it in life scale by painting your pool design on the ground. Once it’s painted, take it all in. Live with it for a day or two. If there are any changes to be made, now is the time to do it.


Excavating or Digging

Digging out that pool is no small task. Allow a day or two depending on how complicated your design is. You’ll be able to see the final depth, steps, ledges, everything!


Plumbing Your Pool

Pool filtration, cleaning, chlorination, heating, spa jets, drains and returns all get put in at this point in the process.


Wiring Your Pool

Unless you want to swim in the dark, electrical wiring is another important step. Lighting, equipment area and working plumbing are some of the things wiring your pool are used for.

Steel or Rebar

Setting up the frame for the shotcrete to be laid. This gives the shotcrete extra stability and structure to lay on.


During this step, floor and wall are covered in 8 inch thick shotcrete. Shotcrete sounds complicated, but is just concrete forced through a hose and nozzle at high speeds. This enables the concrete to be “shot” on vertical walls or non-structural components of the pool.


Tiling Your Pool

3 inches above and 3 inches below the water line is where most tiling will go. Not only does it act as an accent to your overall pool design, it saves you cost on maintenance. Without tiles discoloration due to treated water will occur where the above and below water concrete meet. Tile eliminate this worry.

Interior Finish

Stone, tile, plaster, pebbles… A one or two day process depending on what you choose. There is no water in the pool, that’s the interior finish!

"Water Features - Waterfalls, fountains, swim-up bars, water slides...the possibilities are endless! "Fill'er Up! The last step is the most fun. Filling your new pool with water, starting it all up and jumping in!"
Building a swimming pool steps with pictures and information. "Designing" "Laying Out Your Pool" "Excavating or Digging" "Plumbing Your Pool" "Wiring Your Pool" "Steel or Rebar" "Shotcrete" "Tiling Your Pool" "Interior Finish" "Water Features" "Fill'er Up"