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Saving money on an in-ground pool in Dallas, Texas, is easier than you may have ever imagined. Build Your Own Pool is a specialized company with over 25 years of experience helping homeowners save thousands of dollars on gorgeous, breathtaking pools. Imagine the pool that you desire in your backyard. Now, realize that this is possible and affordable with BYOP. The following steps will help you achieve your dream while saving money.

1. Check Out Build Your Own Pool

Visit our expert-designed BYOP website to explore the information. You will have valuable resources at your fingertips. Our team is available to help you design a pool that enhances your backyard.

Valuable BYOP Resources

Valuable information and connections are available in our three affordable packages, such as:

Pool designs
Standard swimming pool designs are included with the pool package, and unique designs can be drawn. Add various features to your pool to customize a standard design, such as wide steps, a bench within the pool, waterfall, hot tub and more.

Wholesale Discounts on Pool Equipment
EVERY swimming pool design comes with an exclusive equipment purchase agreement from Wholesale Pool Equipment. Wholesale Pool Equipment provides Pentair Pool equipment with a three to five-year factory warranty on top-of-the-line equipment. This means that you will have access to wholesale prices on outstanding products.

You will have access to discounts on top-of-line pool pumps, heaters, filters, and everything your pool needs. Complete info on this factory-authorized dealer and full factory warranties is available on the Build Your Own Pool website.


Apply for an affordable swimming pool loan on our site. Applicants receive notice of their approved amount within 24 hours. Money is available to build your pool, improve your home, add decking and complete other home projects based on the equity and value of your home.

Permit information

Access permit applications and guidelines for your city and county.

Local structural engineers

Receive a list of highly-recommended engineers if engineering is required when you submit your pool plans to the county or city.

Contractor selection

Build Your Own Pool will assist in the process of sending the pool plan out for bids. Subcontractors will review these plans and send competitive price quotes for the excavation, electrical, plumbing, landscaping and other areas of the construction.

2. Choose Your Pool Package

Start building your pool today by choosing a pool package that includes access to beautiful swimming pool designs, affordable supplies, recommended subcontractors, to-do list and much more. The basic plan includes the above-mentioned features, and the preferred and premier packages each add additional benefits. Your package will empower you to build a beautiful pool on your property.


The basic package may be perfect for you if you desire to save money by digging the hole and completing a lot of the labor.


The preferred package may be recommended to you if you desire extra assistance and plan to complete some of the work.


The premier package may be the best match for you if you want to save money on building a pool but do not plan on doing any labor. The premier package includes access to the support included in the basic and preferred package, plus many other helpful components. A design expert will visit your home to help you evaluate the to-do list and get the pool started.

3. Become a Swimming Pool Builder

You will operate as the general contractor and oversee the completion of tasks that are included in your pool package. There are resources and guides to help you through the entire building process, which typically takes two months from start to finish. Two months is brief when we consider that this fantastic experience yields years of enjoyment for you, your family and your friends.

4. Connect with Experts and Dive Right in

If you live in Dallas, Texas, contact us today!