This year, pools with clean, straight lines still appear to be the design of choice. Over the years, design elements fall in and out of favor, and this continues to be the case.
At one point the rolled bond beam with an exposed aggregate finish was built into hundreds Phoenix pools. However, by the end of the decade, it was dismissed as an inappropriate design element. The pebble material used in the design would shrink and expand in the summer heat, and over time it would delaminate and crack before separating from the pool structure and falling off completely.

Repairing cracked and broken pebble finishes on rolled bond beam details has now become one of the most requested repairs for pool remodel companies. Now, new designs that utilize the coping and capping of the pool beam have taken over. Raised pool beams built out of shotcrete or masonry, columns with travertine or stacked stone, and even beams built of specialty stones have taken over from the rolled bond beam.

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