You Get:

  • A custom design swimming pool and/or spa drawn to the industry standard of 1/8th inch scale.The same scale pool companies and sub-contractors use every day to build hundreds of pool projects.
  • A pool specification list that makes it easy for subcontractor bids, quotes and construction takeoffs.
  • Pool schematics including: depth details, layout points, equipment plumbing
  • A plan that has all your preferred contact and address information along with any special notes.
  • 8.5″ x 11″ format – perfect for a home printer – no special paper required. Sent to you in a PDF format – easy to attach/forward to subs and pool professionals.


In the Phoenix metro area:

We’ll send a seasoned pool designer to your home to measure your backyard and review the pool planning checklist with you. The pool planning checklist covers items that will help you design exactly what you want for your backyard swimming pool.  Complete with:

  • Interior finish options
  • Decking and water-feature elements
  • Cleaning and lighting features
  • Sanitation and automation options

We’ll also review your home’s construction access, City or County setback requirements, evaluate utility considerations. And many more considerations that you should review before you start your pool project.

When your plan is complete and your ready to get started with your bids we’ll send your plan out to get you your first round of subcontractor quotes. Use the pool sequence and bid sheet to keep track of your bids in the same order as the each phase of your pool construction.


We’ll provide you with all of your City or County required permit applications, owner builder forms and copies of the barrier and safety requirements you’ll need to know before you start to build.

And we’re even available during your pools construction. Call us or email us with your pool construction questions. We’ll provide you with any help we can regarding construction planning, specifics or just general help questions.

Review our FAQ sheet where the most commonly asked questions are answered before you even get started.

Outside the Phoenix metro area?
Send us a copy of your home site plan or detailed backyard measurements and we’ll design a custom swimming pool specifically for your home’s backyard.