For the construction of Phoenix pools, homeowners may want to get a survey completed first. In some cases, lack of survey can result in not having a permit issued.

Completing a property survey report can ensure that location requirements, such as property setbacks, have been met by the plan. An Arizona registered land surveyor should complete these surveys. They should verify property corners, set the corners, and fill out the correct forms that specify footing. This is not the same as a pool application, but the city may require it before they issue a pool permit.

A second option is to have a pool to property line waver form signed and authorized. This form releases the city and it’s employees from any litigation that may arise in the future if the pool is built outside of the property line or required setbacks.

Homeowners who have pushed their pool design to the very edge of a property line or even into a required setback may be asked to complete one of the two options. Both of these forms can be downloaded from our Phoenix pool permit link.

Make sure to verify the pool and property setback during the design and layout phases of any project. This will save the trouble of moving the pool or receiving a stop work order from the city or county inspector during construction.

For more information download our Pool Planning Guide or Contact Us to be put in touch with a local swimming pool designer.