Getting Your Pool Permit for Phoenix

The city of Phoenix has an extensive outline and automated system for pool permits. Most information about permit services and procedures can be found online at City of Phoenix Online Services.

To request a swimming pool inspection, homeowners must know their permit number and Web Inspection Key number, which can be found on the permit or permit receipt in the left hand column.

Important codes to know:

The first half of pool construction is considered the “pre-gunite” or “pre-shotcrete” phase. These phases are referred to by code: 671
The pool bonding grid is referred to by code: 674
The second half of pool construction is “pre-plaster,” and this inspection will be called for after the decking, tile, fencing, and interior barriers are in place. This phase is referred to by code: 672
Grotto waterfalls are code: 670
Fence and retaining walls are code: 675
Separate or acrylic spas are code: 673
Please note that residential swimming pool codes are found on page two, so be careful not to grab the commercial swimming pool codes on the first page!

Using an address or project name can look up permit numbers and information on the Phoenix Online Services webpage.

Finally, using the automated telephone service at (602) 495-0800 can pass these online services. All calls must be made between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM in order to make it on for the next day inspection cycle.