Concrete pool decking contractors specialize in one thing – swimming pool decks

While a swimming pool deck might look like just another concrete pour with some cooling, textured surfacing there is a little more to the picture. If you don’t know what look for you could end up with an expensive add on to hide the all the money you thought you were saving.

Concrete pool decking requires a couple of steps that most flat work concrete contractors don’t deal with on a regular basis. It’s not a matter of skill because both contractors are very technically capable, it’s a matter of routine. Pool decks traditionally have a cantilevered edge that requires additional forming prior to the deck pour. Skimmers and in-deck water levelers also require some additional forming and preparation that allows the deck to finish around and above these two features.

Finally, prior to pouring a concrete pool deck there area a couple of plumbing issues that must be addressed in order to maintain a working system once the pool is full of water. The aerator must be cut and position to finish in the middle of the cantilever and a pressure test must be maintained and verified to ensure a stake or shovel doesn’t cut a pipe under the deck once it’s poured.

So before you decide to hire a flat work contractor to pour your concrete pool deck, in an effort to save a few bucks, you might want to make sure they have some experience with pool deck before they form and pour. Once the concrete has cured and they been paid you may find your self spending more to cover up and fix the features that pool deck contractors include as a matter of routine. It’s just what they do – everyday.

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