Preparing for Pool Tile

Swimming pool tileSwimming pool tile is an excellent way to add a level of refinement and durability to your new pool. Pool tile will make your favorite features pop, providing contrast from the rest of the the pool, it can bring your yard to life by adding color and a focal point to the overall flow of your yard.
Selecting your pool tile can be overwhelming, there are a lot of shapes, colors and designs with even more ways to arrange them in your pool. Just thinking about it makes your wallet feel lighter…
We don’t want you to feel stressed out about any part of your pool building experience, especially the budget.

Before you start, you should know…

Pool tile is made of durable glazed pieces of pottery or cut stone (for the most part). These are all more durable than your pools interior finish, so they will hold up to more wear and tear as pool siding than other more common materials.

Because the pool tile has a smooth surface, it will hold up to more touching, rubbing and bumping that comes from years of love as people climb in and out. It protects the upper edge of the pool (the water level) from water and human damage, which means that you will spend less money maintaining the pool as the years go on.

Make a statement, make your own rules, Build Your Own Pool and Save Thousands.