Framing Your Pool Rebar:

pool steel, pool rebar

Your pool has been excavated and plumbed, it’s starting to look like the the dream in your head and the design in your hand. The next step in the process is to frame your pool steel, by that I mean to add the pool rebar.
Pool rebar is the bone structure of your pool, it gives the shotcrete something to hold on to when it’s sprayed on, it provides rigidity to the walls and floor of your pool.

Pool Steel:

It’s pretty remarkable, your contractors will come to the the hole left by the excavators and line the entire thing with a framework of rebar. The rebar has to be braced out from the walls and floor at the right distance to keep a consistent wall and floor depth. Every inch of the rebar has to be precisely bent to all the contours of the the pool. Each time a piece of bar is laid and bent it has to be tied or fused to the bars it touches, this gives it increased strength and ensures that pieces won’t slip or create weak points.

You can trust the security of your pool when it has a steel skeleton, this is the same process used in the construction of concrete bridges and freeway overpasses. You trust the lives of your family to this process everyday, likewise you will know that your pool walls will stand strong and insure the beauty and equity of your home.

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