Pool Permits

After swimming pool plans are completed, the next step is to submit a pool plan to the city or county for review and approval. Below is a listing of links to local city and county websites in or near the Phoenix Metro area. These are links to swimming pool permit applications and regulation documents (when available) can be downloaded.

The following are some additional requirements before pool permits can be submitted:

 1.Structural engineering plans: these plans tell the city what standard plan to use when building the pool, or whether site-specific or pool-specific engineering will be required.

2.A site plan or site map with the proposed pool drawn to scale: this step may require the skills of a specialist. For more help, visit our Arizona Swimming Pool Permit and Process guide for a step-by-step explanation on how to find the information needed to complete a swimming pool site plan.

3.HOA Approval Letter (if applicable): if a neighborhood has been flagged as requiring a homeowner association approval, then an approval letter will need to be provided. In some cases securing approval from the HOA can take longer than the city or county submission process, so keep these time constraints in mind.
Here is a list of city and county links for swimming pool applications and design guidance: