What You Need To Know About Your Pool Layout

Pool LayoutThe second step in your build is the pool layout. A swimming pool layout may look like a bit of spray paint and a few nails, but this is a precision process. By this point in your pool experience you’ve been dreaming about our pool design for anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks, that time was spent waiting for the city to scrutinize every inch of our CAD design, In-Floor design and your homes underground environment (BlueStake for underground water, sewage, electrical etc.).

Can You Change Your Pool Layout?

You may be tempted, when you see your swimming pool layout in your yard, to start asking about possible changes to the design… Proceed with caution!
Any significant change in the layout (size, shape, orientation or position in the yard) WILL require a new CAD design and In-Floor design, which will have to be submitted to the city again AND you will need to get new quotes from your contractors!
It will be a headache, it will be expensive. You can do it, but it’s something you want to get right the first time.

What to Expect

The actual pool layout takes a small team between 1 to 3 hours to calculate and and mark out the pool in your yard.
Because the layout is made of paint and pins, it is important that you keep it protected until it can be excavated. The paint will be accurate to within an inch in every direction, but if a few drops of rain, kids or pets get too close to it it will have to be completely redone.

It’s a delicate process, but as soon as it’s finished you’ll be ready to break ground.