Pool Excavation isn’t a DIY Project…

Pool ExcavationWhen you get to the pool excavation step in your process you will have already chosen and met with your excavator, he will have your design and know exactly what to do when he arrives on site.
One of the most common questions we hear in the dig your own pool step is “How will he get the equipment into our back yard?” There are a number of strategies for that based on your yard, everything from using a smaller excavator that can fit through your gate, to removing a section of fence and driving through. The contractor will go over all of the options with you when he comes out to survey your pool site. Next it’s time to let the dirt fly and keep the kids inside!

What will the swimming pool excavation be like?

The actual swimming pool excavation will be a loud dirty process, and keeping everyone clear will help insure that it will be a safe process.

There will be a team of excavators on site, one in the machine, and others around the edge of the pool keeping the pool walls straight and using laser levels to double check their work. Its important that your pool has the right depths, and has all the steps and features cut into the dirt. After the heavy equipment is finished digging, the crew will go in and finish the detail work by hand.

Your pool is starting to take shape now, time to get the plumbers in to take the construction to the next level!

Make a statement, make your own rules, Build Your Own Pool and Save Thousands.