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Pool Electrical System

Everything in your pool depends on your swimming pool electrical system, so your pool electrical design is something that we will be working on early and often.
The pool electrical schematic will be included in the initial design and will have to be approved by the city or county with the overall plan. From that point it might as well be set in stone, any changes will result in a new design and a new approval process.

After your pool has been excavated, plumbed and framed in rebar, the swimming pool electrical conduit will be laid. The conduit will branch out from the power source to the pump, water features, lights and other structures. The conduit will be buried and the lines will be pulled through in preparation for the final inspection.
It’s a process, but when it’s finally finished your pool will come to life! the lights, fountains, heater, spa and everything that you spent so long dreaming of will at last be ready to enjoy.
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