What you need to know to design your own pool:

  • Utilize internet resources – get the list of the twelve things every pool plan should have and tips on getting pool plans approved the first time.
  • Learn the difference between pool elements, details, and features.
  • Homeowners should look at completed pool and permit site plans to use as a guide when creating their own plans.

Homeowners can download their own planning guide here from Build Your Own Pool, or they can find a local swimming pool design expert to help with the planning process.

Remember: if drawing and measuring architectural features is not the strong suit of a homeowner, then utilize an expert’s help. Pool design experts have drawn and detailed thousands of swimming pools, submitted plans to multiple building departments, and know all about codes, setbacks, and design criteria.

Overhead view of a 3-D design showing a swimming pool, hot tub, sitting area, fire pit, and covered eating area.
Mathis Family drawn out swimming pool plan.

Homeowners who use the design experts at Build Your Own Pool get the following:

  • An on-site review and measurement of the planned pool area (Where Applicable).
  • A planning meeting to review ideas and visions for the swimming pool.
  • Completed swimming pool plans that includes everything subcontractors will need to accurately bid on the project.
  • A completed pool plan ready for submittal for the specific city or county office that includes all the required plot plan copies, standard swimming pool engineering specifications (where applicable), and pool permit application.
  • On-site pool layout that’s ready for the excavator to start digging.
  • ALL BYOP Designs come with an exclusive equipment purchase agreement with our sister company, Wholesale Pool Equipment. With every Pentair Pool equipment purchase Wholesale Pool Equipment offers 3 and 5 year factory warranties and cost savings on top of the line equipment.

The pool design experts at Build Your Own Pool take it from a vision to a completed plan. In order to use this option, click the link below and tell us “I need a pool design.” One of our talented, local pool design experts will be in contact to set up a meeting time.