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What to Expect When Our Pool Designers in Dallas TX Start Planning Your Dream Pool

Dallas is home to some of the best swimming weather and many of the best custom pools in Texas. It’s easier to get excited about long hot spring and summer months if you have your own personal oasis in your back yard. Isn’t it time for you to Build Your Own Pool?

If you’ve been dreaming of the best pool to enhance your home, the next step is to bring those ideas to us so we can translate them into reality. We might not be the only pool company, but we are the best pool designers in Dallas TX! We don’t just print out a standard design and send you on your way, we are pool and spa design consultants, we’re there for you until your pool is up and running. Before you get that far, we’ll help you lay a good foundation by:

  • Getting the Design Right
  • Getting Your Supply Chain in Place
  • Choosing Your Dallas Pool Builders

Getting the Design Right

A picture of a hole with dimensions isn’t enough to begin digging with.
We take your ideas and rough out a design.
Then we set the depths and dimensions, place the features and pool equipment.
Next we render a 3D design so you can compare it to the design in your mind.
It’s imperative that we get the design right, everything else depends on it.

Getting Your Supply Chain in Place

Our design outlines every piece of equipment you will need for your pool. The plumber and electrician will both need to know exactly what they will be plumbing and wiring for, where it goes and when it will be ready for them. Fortunately, our sister company, Wholesale Pool Equipment, is a pool supply store. Our customers get a discount, 30-70% off of every one of our 20,000 pool items. This discount program will save you money on your initial build and on everything you’ll need going forward. The discount makes it easier to get the best equipment into your pool, top of the line equipment ensures easier maintenance in the future.

Choosing Your Dallas Pool Builders

Because we put so much detail into the schematic (the technical design for the contractors), Our Dallas pool builders will know exactly what is expected of them. Having every detail planned for ensures a correct price quote, without worrying about hidden costs or surprises. Contractors, when they have all the details laid out in front of them and all of the equipment on hand, are able to finish more quickly, often ahead of schedule.

Dallas weather waits for no one. Wouldn’t you rather have your kids playing outside instead of sitting in front of the TV?
Spend some time looking at our designs, 12 Steps of Pool Construction and customer videos.

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