Pool Heater Options
The Pool is Cold!!! There’s nothing worse than jumping into a cold pool, I don’t care if you’re 5 or 85 cold water is never a welcomed friend. People ask me all the time….“You’re in the pool business – what kind of heater do you have on your pool?” Before we can dive into what’s
What’s The Best Interior for my Pool?
One of the most common questions raised during the design phase of a new pool is; “what’s the best interior finish for the pool?”  Most of those who ask the questions have their ideas of what they like, but they still have a few questions such as: How long will they different finishes last? Which
How to Choose the Best Pool Surface Material
Picking the Best Pool Surface With all of the pools in the valley there is no shortage of opinions on “the best” pool surface. In reality, it depends on the type of pool your family needs and can afford, there is no overall winner for all scenarios. It’s important that you take beauty, quality and

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