Few homeowners consider building their own pools, but with the right knowledge and the expert support, it is entirely possible. This is most easily accomplished by using a pool plan. A pool plan is where everything starts; it is the design, the specifications, and the essential blueprint for building a pool.

Build Your Own Pool offers help to anyone who is interested in learning how to build a pool. For free, homeowners can download our guide that provides essential basics to start planning and designing their own pool, such as:
  • How to research to start the process
  • The twelve things every pool plan must include
  • Tips for getting municipal approval for a pool construction permit
  • Basic education on pool elements, details and features
For those who are ready to take the plunge, Build Your Own Pool offers a variety of pool planning packages for all budget ranges.
The following is a brief overview of the pool planning packages offered by Build Your Own Pool:
  • Basic or pre-designed pool plan: choose from four pre-designed pool plans that can be used to build your own swimming pool
  • Select pool plan: for those looking for something more custom, this plan gives you more room to design your own pool if you have the time and knowledge.
  • Preferred pool plan: This plan provides everything a homeowner could need to design and build his or her own pool. The preferred plan comes with everything featured in the select plan, but also includes more design elements like a three dimensional rendering of your pool.
  • ALL BYOP Designs come with an exclusive equipment purchase agreement with our sister company, Wholesale Pool Equipment. With every Pentair Pool equipment purchase Wholesale Pool Equipment offers 3 and 5 year factory warranties and cost savings on top of the line equipment.
Each of these plans is meant to work with homeowners individual needs when it comes to the design and building process. Each will give you the necessary information to get started. You will have the measurements, equipment information, and other specifications needed to go out and gets bids from subcontractors and begin transforming your backyard this summer.
Build Your Own Pool Designs