Start Building a pool with BYOP

Here are the Four Simple Steps:

Step One:

  • Everything begins with a plan. Choose from one of our pre-designed pool plans or speak with one of our consultants to custom design your own pool.
  • We’ll provide you with the tools and guides you’ll need when submitting your pool permit to your city or county for review and approval.
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Step Two:

  • You save money by dealing directly with the sub-contractors.
  • You choose the sub-contractors you want based on the same warranties that are provided to the pool companies.

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Step Three:

  • You’re in control of the building process and scheduling.
  • You pay each sub-contractor directly; per the agreements you make with each one of them.
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Step Four:

  • The sub-contractor will go through the set- up and maintenance process with you and answer any questions.
  • Then the only thing left to do is fill the pool with water and jump in.
  • Enjoy your pool and enjoy the huge savings!

The BYOP Process is Simple & You'll Save Thousands!

Have questions for build your own pool?