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If you’re looking for smart, fast financing for a home improvement or backyard renovation project, you’ve come to the right place. Re-imagine your backyard with a dreamy swimming pool. Rethink your kitchen storage space with a kitchen remodel. Reinvent your bathroom, garage, or outdoor living areas — “You Dream It, We Finance It.”

Getting a loan to make these improvements doesn’t have to be a complicated, time-consuming process. After many years of assisting homeowners obtain home improvement financing, the team at HFS Financial is your perfect partner.  We know home improvement loans because that is all we do. That’s right, no car loans, no mortgages, no student loans. We do one thing and we do it better than anyone.

Financing options for a pool

Life is full of fun outdoor activities for every age like barbecues, biking, and hiking. But, during the intense heat of the summer, most outdoor plans are limited to either early morning or late afternoon. Only a private pool offers year-round, 24-Hour fun. If you are delaying installing a swimming pool for any reason, primarily because of finances, we have good news! A luxurious, custom-built pool is possible and an affordable home improvement with the help of the experts at Build Your Own Pool.

The Big Question: Can I Afford a Custom Pool?

Yes, you can afford a custom pool! BYOP provides an alternative pool building method that has exploded in popularity during the past decade. Hundreds of happy customers report saving thousands of dollars and successfully building a beautiful pool with the help of professionals at Build Your Own Pool. Homeowners gain exclusive access to wholesale prices, pool designs, construction drawings, permit assistance, engineering assistance, equipment packages, reputable subcontractors and outstanding pool financing options.

Benefits of Choosing HFS Financing:

Choose your pool plan, decide on the custom options, get prices from subcontractors and pay for the entire home improvement project with affordable payments. Build Your Own Pool recommends HFS Financing to customers who desire a new, custom pool because it’s easy, quick, and reliable. The HFS pool financing application takes just 60 seconds to complete. HFS offers low fixed rates on loans for up to 15 years and up to 200,000 dollars on custom-built pools.

HFS Financing gives you:

  1. Instant Decision Option.
  2. Credit Score Not Affected by and HFS Pool-Loan Inquiry.
  3. 100% Unsecured Loan: No Equity or Lien Required. 
  4. 100% Funding for the Project: Includes the Patio Expense, New Decking, Gazebo, and More.
  5. Debt Consolidation Options Combine with Older Debt with a Pool Plan. 

Planning Your Project:

Most Pools are Complete within 8-12 Weeks, but Customized Extras May Extend the Project. 


Choosing a Plan to Match Your Budget: One to Four Weeks

Affordable pool packages include the preferred, and premier and freedom. The pool planning checklist will help you choose options like the interior finish, water feature elements, decking, cleaning and lighting features, sanitation, automation and more. Choosing a pre-designed pool plan is quick and straightforward.

Customized pools also fit most budgets. Save thousands of dollars with the expert design team at Build Your Own Pool. The team will review the shape and size of your backyard and the placement of your home to determine the best pool design. This process may take one to four weeks.


Apply for a Pool Loan: Instantly to 24 hours

Keeping your home up to date by repairing the roof, adding a gazebo, extending the deck, or completing other home improvement projects, typically requires a home-equity loan.

Build Your Own Pool steps out of the box and saves homeowners thousands of dollars with wholesale pricing, contracting knowledge, and instant-approval on money-saving pool loans.

Go to and tap inquire now. Select the amount that you desire to borrow and complete a 60-second inquiry. Your swimming pool loan options will be available within 24 hours.


Acquire City Permits: Two to six weeks

Swimming pool permits are required in each city to ensure code compliance and safety. Build Your Own Pool will help you apply for building permits in your area. Some localities approve permits periodically before the city board, which could take longer.

If a custom-designed pool requires an engineer, it could take several months. Acquiring the necessary permits typically takes between two to six weeks.


Excavation: One week

Digging the hole for the pool typically takes one to two days. Some homeowners complete the excavation as a do-it-yourself project.

Ask Build Your Own Pool for excavation subcontractors in your city.


Building the Pool: Two to five weeks

Building the pool will involve roughing in the electrical and plumbing, laying Steel, and installing the pool lining. The type of coating may include fiberglass, vinyl or gunite.

Specific liners may extend the installation time. Only hire highly qualified contractors in your area like those used by Build Your Own Pool clients.


Landscaping, Decking, Patio: Two to 12 weeks

After the pool is complete, the landscaping, decking, patio, custom lighting and water features are added.

The details may shorten or extend the length of the project.

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