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Absolutely. The real question is how much money can I save?


The answer to that question is like many things in life – it depends. Things that affect your savings will be the size of your pool project, the size of the pool companies you’re considering and how much you want to be involved with your project.

If you compare what it costs to build a pool yourself versus a large, multi-city retail construction company who has to pay for offices, marketing, vehicles, employees, and a large owner pay check your savings could be significant. Most pool companies strive to maintain at least a 20% cost to profit ratio at a minimum, but depending on the size of the pool project your savings could be significantly higher.

Instead of financing these overhead costs, you will be paying the people who build the pool each and every day. Essentially you’re dealing directly to build and pay for your project instead of paying a middle man for your backyard.

There are two parts that are essential to answer this question. The first one is a quiet, little secret that every successful business owner has figured out; your success is in the people you hire. Your pool project is no different. You’re not building the pool – the sub-contractors you hire are and they have years and even decades of experience doing just that. The one thing they rely on is the second part of this question and that is starting with a good plan. A good, solid pool plan drawn by industry professionals will provide the correct specifications and details needed for the construction of your pool. With a few confirmations and a short review before each trade begins their work, your pool plan will serve as your guide for the subs throughout the entire process. In addition, inside the member’s area you’ll find construction checklists, pictures and details that will help you to understand each phase and provide you with review sheets that will help you with each step of your pool construction.

Yes, matter of fact, you’ll have the power of up to 9-10 times the warranty a traditional pool builder would offer. A pool builder’s warranty is just a reflection of the warranties provided by the sub-contractors who work on the job. If you sign a contract with a pool company your warranty is now in the hands of just one entity. If that one builder fails to pay his bills or runs off with the cash you gave him, your warranty goes with him. When you hire and pay the subs direct you now have warranties with each one of them, including a billion dollar pool equipment manufacturer.

Your chances of losing your pool warranty are now much less likely than putting all your eggs in the basket of a pool builder who may decide that buying a new boat in Costa Rica might be his new line of business.

Along with the warranty advantages you also get when hiring you also get the peace of mind that each sub-contractor you hire is responsible to provide you with bonding and liability coverage. And for pennies on the dollars, you can get a rider from your home insurer to add an extra layer of protection during the time of your pool construction. Something that’s advisable even if you hired a pool company. For many states, contractors are required, as part of the licensing review, to provide a certain level of bonding and insurance. But it’s not the case in every state or at every level. For many states, contractors are required, as part of the licensing review, to provide a certain level of bonding and insurance. But it’s not the case in every state or at every level of contractor. Many home owners mistakenly hire pool companies owned by an individual and don’t even realize that the state doesn’t require them to carry individual (liability or negligence) insurance. Inside the member’s area you’ll have forms, check sheets and links to state certification boards to find out more regarding the laws of your state. Either way, speak with your home insurer about getting a temporary policy or rider during the time of your pool construction process.

Nearly every phase of your pool can be completed in less than a day. There are exceptions, but in general it only takes a day, or even a few hours to install each component of your pool construction. When you pre-schedule the subs you can build a pool in weeks versus months with a traditional method.  You’ll also get the peace of mind of knowing when each phase of your pool construction will be scheduled. If you want to go out of town or if you want to complete your project by a specific date – you control the schedule. No more waiting for a phone call or wondering when the next phase of your pool will be completed.

Inside the member’s area you’ll find sequence sheets and planning tools that will walk you through each step and give you the control of the process.

If you’re the “do-it-yourself” type of person who enjoys or even owns a business in one or more areas of pool construction (electrical, pavers, tile) you can save even more money. Or maybe you have a close friend or relative that’s in the construction business. If you’re willing to put in some sweat equity into your pool construction, the money you save will go right back into your pocket. This is an area where you’ll have to weigh the cost of hiring a trade professional or spend the time doing it yourself. For most people there’s enough savings in paying direct for each phase construction, but for those who are willing or have the time, building your own pool could take on a whole new meaning.
Yes, in fact many already do. As a home builder or landscape contractor, you’re already scheduling trades in other areas of your home or landscape project. Now, you can have a design drawn for the pool area and include that aspect as part of your services. You can have the pool sub-contractors perform those phases of the pool that are specific to pool construction. Then you can have your team complete the areas that you’re already accustomed to performing in your day to day business, such as decking, masonry and many other outdoor features. Such as: decking, masonry and many other outdoor features.
Without a doubt, yes you can. Owner builder permits for swimming pools are issued every day by cities and municipalities all over. Nearly a third of all construction permits, for projects such as large custom homes, photo-voltaic systems, barns and even swimming pools are built and completed by home owners just like yourself. From stay at home moms, retired school teachers to people of all level of circumstances have found that following a step-by-step guide found within the member’s area of this website that they can save money and time building their own pool. It’s not rocket science, all though a few rocket scientists have built their own pools as well.

BYOP highly recommends that you have a sample of your deck material on site when the excavation starts. This will assist the Excavator in setting the proper elevation. BYOP ultimately recommends a job site meeting with homeowner, excavator and deck trade. 

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