Drainage and Grading Plans

It is the responsibility of the home owner, builder or site planner to provide all documents pertaining to the elevations and grading/contours of the property. Build Your Own Pool, LLC (BYOP, LLC) is not a survey or licensed civil engineering firm.

BYOP, LLC does not offer any advice on existing drainage and grading conditions. All plans are based on pre-existing conditions and any changes made to the property are the responsibility of the home owner and/or their sub-contractor(s) that are employed by the owner.

It is the home owner’s or builder’s responsibility to provide completed and approved, per a licensed
engineering or survey firm, prior to any final plans are completed for use or sub-contractor bids and
quotes. These would include, but are not limited to approved building site plans, drainage and grading plans and/or a plan indicating all final elevations, contours and all structures and walls within the building envelope.

BYOP, LLC would advise any home owner or builder to seek the advice of a licensed civil engineer or survey company prior to starting any construction project on their property.