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After getting quoted over $60k to build our pool with a local pool company we started looking for other options. BYOP saved us a ton of money! Ryan and John are fantastic! Ryan drew up our dream pool and answered our numerous questions via email and phone throughout the process. We felt very supported! our neighbors went through a traditional pool company and we used all the same contractors but our pool was done way faster. Couldn't recommend byop enough!

- Amy M.

These guys are awesome!! Ryan P and team were amazing in helping us build our pool. They answered everyone of our questions about the process and we had a pool in exactly 33 days. I was very nervous about doing something like this ( Building my own pool) but these guys walked us thru the process answered all of our questions….. the biggest incentive to using these guys was the savings…. we saved A TON of money by using them VS a pool company. Approx 40 to 45% less in costs. ( no joke). I have already referred them to 2 different friends who also built their pool!

- Eddie Nunez

    We had a great experience building our pool through build your own pool and save thousands of dollars while doing it. We initially got quotes for several big and small pool builders but the prices were out of our reach. We then turned to BYOP pools and with the their help were able to design a pool that matched our budget and our tastes. The pool looks great and the process was easy. The contractors recommended by BYOP pools all exceeded our expectations. The equipment provided by BYOP pools was top notch. Our pool was completed in 5 weeks and and we saved about 20% over what the lowest bid we received from a pool builder was and upgraded several areas that we would not have been able to afford otherwise. We will always do BYOP pools for all our future pool projects.

    - Stacie Peterson Toma

    We are return customers to BYOP, after having built our first pool with Todd’s help back in 2013. When we purchased our new home – sans pool – there wasn’t a question on who we would call to get us through the new pool process again. Todd and his crew at BYOP were knowledgeable about local requirements and ordinances, available throughout the construction project and quickly answered our (often pestering) questions, and essentially held our hands through the entire process. We saved a ton of money by building our own pool, and got the pool we wanted without breaking the bank. We are embarking on our second pool with BYOP, and I have every confidence the process will go as smoothly as the first did. I highly recommend BYOP to everyone – it’s not as hard as you might think to Build Your Own Pool!

    - Michelle Brezenski

      Had a great experience with BYOP. Todd was very helpful and always quick to respond. The process certainly requires more attention by the owner to manage, but it allows for better controls! After receiving several quotes for my pool I contacted BYOP. In the end, I was able to shorten the construction schedule by 2-3 weeks and get a lot more done for the same budget. Don’t let the process scare you – It’s not that hard. Just ask a lot of questions and you’ll be fine!

      - Matthew Patterson

      We’ve had a great experience with BYOP. We were hesitant initially because we didn’t know the 1st thing about building a pool but Ryan was extremely helpful throughout the ENTIRE process. We were able to save thousands on our pool and couldn’t be happier. We are so glad we chose BYOP! Thank you!!

      - Jolene Young

        We had a wonderful experience from beginning to end with BYOP! We were a little skeptical in the beginning (especially after getting multiple bids with pool builders that were so high) - but we have ended up saving literally THOUSANDS of dollars partnering with BYOP. Doug was a pleasure to work with and is VERY knowledgeable every step of the way! BYOP is the only way to go! We would do it again, and again and highly recommend using them. It is such a big investment and BYOP exceeded our expectations. Thank you BYOP!!

        - Lisa A.

        This is the only way to go when considering an owner build pool. Absolutely the best investment I made for this type of project. Todd is incredible - his advice, suggestions, and foresight is unprecedented. You save a ton of money going about this on your own, and you do have a partner in the project - BYOP. I called/emailed quite often for questions, and received quality and cost-saving advice throughout the ENTIRE process, not just the initial setup. You will not be disappointed, building a pool can be challenging, daunting, and overwhelming but these guys know how to make it go smooth and put your concerns at ease. 10 stars if Yelp could let me.

        - Joe S.

          I had a wonderful experience building my pool with BYOP. Prior to going with BYOP I’d built a pool with another company at a previous home and I have to say that building a pool with BYOP is just a better experience all around. You learn the in and outs of the pool, which increases your confidence in it. I had four quotes from other companies before selecting BYOP and I simply got WAY more bang for my buck going with BYOP. In fact, I can confidently say that I didn’t have to settle or give up anything I wanted in my dream pool, with BYOP I was able to get exactly what I wanted. The process sounded intimidating in the beginning but it is actually really easy to navigate. The subcontractors are professional and the exact same folks excavating and tiling for the big companies. I was initially concerned I wouldn’t know how to tell if a subcontractor was taking a shortcut but quickly learned that Doug and Marshall were on speed dial if I had any questions/concerns and their guidance never led me astray…and not one subcontractor took a shortcut, they were incredible. I will never build a pool any other way again. This was a great experience and I love my pool!

          - Chelle Pearson

          In the beginning I had mixed reviews. being a first time pool builder (of any pool with or without a major company) I felt a little over my head. So much info at once. But Ryan from BYOP was there to break it all down for me, follow the outline they provided and answer any questions I had at literally any moment I needed. (There was not a single time where I had to wait more than 1 business day for an answer, many times it was an immediate answer when I called) I needed to remember to take one step at a time. There was definitely a learning curve and this certainly took longer than if I would have went with a pool company but that was all expected and really my delay and process of learning more than anything. In the beginning I spoke with numerous builders, all of which were out of our price range for the pool we really wanted. So we took the leap and went with BYOP. Honestly the MOST frustrating part of the whole thing is the dang city and their petty stuff they’d do during their inspections. The company itself was amazing and the contractors even more so. Once we simply laid out every bid from every company, did some research on each, it was a dream. I know every single thing about our pool and it’s infrastructure and will NEVER do a pool any other way! We ultimately have the pool we wanted, with even more features than we originally even thought of AND saved $20,000 from the other companies we spoke with! It’s a little bit of work, but BYOP is there to hold your hand as much as you need and completely worth it. Love our pool!

          - Ryan Richardson

            These guys are really GREAT!! Put in a new Pool Filter for me, at a great price! Did other work and took the time to show me and my son all of it and how to use and maintain it all.. Saved me a ton of $$$ Thanks so much!!

            - Jineane F.

            I have not built my new pool yet but just starting out I went in to talk to Todd and he was so helpful, it was really appreciated, and John in The Wholesale store was very nice as well, when I build my next pool I will use these guys for sure!

            - Craig F.

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