Your Pool Can Help You Stay in Shape

Pool fitness is an excellent choice, no matter what your physical capacities are. Just as using the track doesn’t require everyone to perform long-distance running or other extremes, aquatic training in the pool does not require swimming. Aquatic training is tailored to match your fitness level and may include gentle water workouts for some and advanced exercise for others.

Exercise Without Pain

Water workouts offer satisfying exercise for individuals of all ages who suffer from arthritis, joint and muscular pain. The water provides resistance as you push forward or backward to strengthen and tone. For example, you can stand in the water holding the edge of the pool with both hands while swinging your legs from side to side like a pendulum. As you keep your upper body rigid and swing your legs, you strengthen both regions to increase stability, mobility and improve your balance. The water offers buoyancy and freedom from gravity, which relieves pressure and provides pain-free movement.

Leg Raises

Standing parallel in the shallow area of the pool, hold onto the edge of the pool with one hand. Position your left hand on the side of the pool with your left leg near the pool wall. Slightly bend your knees, and lift your left leg out, holding it in place for a few seconds. Lower your leg and repeat. Perform ten or more repetitions before switching sides. Leg raises will strengthen your lower back, legs and hip muscles.

Shoulder Exercises

Place your back flat against the wall in the shallow area of the pool. Squat, so that your shoulders are submerged and your feet remain flat on the ground. Raise your arms out to your side at a 90° angle so that your palms are at shoulder level. Begin this exercise by tightening your abdominal muscles while moving your arms forward to bring your hands together. Complete a series of ten or more reps to strengthen your shoulders and back.

Water Jumping Jacks

Performing jumping jacks on land is tiring and jarring, but the exercise is smooth and cushioned in the pool. Doing sets of jumping jacks in the water adds resistance, but the pain-free movement provides an increased calorie burn. Start the jumping jacks with your feet on the floor of the pool in the shallow area. Place them together with your hands by your sides. Jump while moving your feet a shoulder-width apart and bringing your hands together over your head. Perform ten or more repetitions. Jumping jacks increase your core-body strength while exercising the shoulders, arms and legs.

Finding a Pool

Many of us pay for gym memberships that we either use religiously or forget about entirely. Some fitness clubs do have indoor pools, but there is another option. Swimming pool exercises provide ample opportunity to relax, spend time with others, lose weight, gain strength, improve agility and more. Have you thought about installing a pool? You could enjoy the freedom of exercising in your backyard!

Personal Pool

Building your swimming pool is the ultimate do-it-yourself project. But, with the assistance of pool experts, it’s just four simple steps. Become empowered with contractor knowledge as you select the perfect pool design, oversee the pool’s construction and save thousands of dollars. Choose the best pool design for fitness, including an oval-shaped, lap pool, swim spa, aquatic fitness or rectangular-shaped pool.

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