What Materials Are Needed for Building a Pool?

Beautiful backyard pool with crystal clear water, two large and round chairs to lounge on. At Build Your Own Pool (BYOP) our pool kits come with all the knowledge and affordable access to the materials that you need to create your own backyard retreat. All that you need will be supplied in your kit and simple building materials can be purchased at your local hardware supply store. Here we will break down exactly what is needed to build your own pool. Keep in mind that most of what is included in this list is standard and many of these items can be upgraded. Items can be added to customize your package. 

Swimming Pool Supplies 

1. Pump 
2. Filter  
3. Two drains 
4. Pool returns  
5. Escutcheons  
6. Frame braces 
7. Aluminum coping 
8. Anchors for removable ladders and handrails 
9. Ladder 
10. Rebar Stakes 
11. Rope Kits  
12. Skimmer 
13. Step handrail 
14. Vinyl Liner 
15. Walk Out Step 
16. Wall Panels and bolts 

Again, all these standard items can be upgraded or customized to match your needs. There are many swimming pool accessories that will create the perfect pool for your yard. The most common options are available with your pool kit and affordable accessories are also available for customizing your package. 

Additional Pool Materials 

Additional materials needed: 

1. Tools 
2. Concrete 
3. Sand 
4. PVC piping 
5. Electrical materials 
6. Water 

All these items can be purchased at your local hardware store or we have all that you need available here at Build Your Own Pool. Construction videos and step-by-step equipment procedures are available on our site. We are a one-resource option to save thousands of dollars. According to customers who have utilized our packages and compared our prices with local traditional pool companies, you could save more than 6000 dollars even when you subcontract most of the work out. That savings could extend to 10,000 dollars if you do the work yourself. 


Adding pool accessories is an affordable way to customize a pool kit. The most popular options are available to add onto your kit, and you can always reach us directly with any design questions that you have. 

1. Pool heater 
2. Pool cleaner 
3. Pool covers 
4. Slides 
5. Water displays: fountains 
6. BBQ 
7. Fireplace 
8. Garden 
9. Plants and bushes 

Recommended Contractors 

We have a list of recommended, qualified, insured subcontractors available to help you complete your pool and to help you achieve the look that you desire. Your yard transformation can take place in planned intervals or in one big transformation. Affordable options are available for everyone’s budget, and we also work with a preferred lender to offer you a financing solution. we provide our customers with affordable options from every angle, find residential solar panels san diego nearby for best services. 

We have everything essential for building your oasis available just one click away! It has never been easier to transform your backyard and bring your dreams to reality. Contact us for affordable kits, customized pools, accessories and swimming pool supplies.

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