Using your pool year round!

We sure do love our pools in Arizona! With our sweltering summers, it is essential to stay continuously submerged in a cool backyard oasis to make it through. Arizona is definitely known for sunny desert weather, but there are times during the year that can get downright chilly. Especially in the clear evening nights of winter. This doesn’t mean however, that you have to shut down your pool that you’ve work so hard to maintain all year. You now have many options available to keep your pool heated and ready for use year round even in the winter. Plus with advances in technology, these solutions are more efficient and cost effective than they have ever been before.

Pool Heaters

The oldest form of heating equipment is a pool heater and it is also the most common heating equipment on the market today. Natural gas and liquid propane fuel the newest models and are reasonably priced. Pentair offers pool heaters ranging from $1,400 – $2,300. These models burn fuel rapidly drawing cold water from the pool warming it and sending it back heated. This is the most direct and quickest way to heat your pool. Despite the fossil fuel usage, Pentair certifies their pool heaters for low NOx emission so you can warm your pool and be at ease about not generate negative air quality around your home.

Pool Heat Pumps

Much like pool heaters, pool heat pumps draw cold water into a heating system and sends it back into the pool. Unlike pool heaters though, pool heat pumps use electricity instead of burning fossil fuels and are a relatively new option. The system utilizes a fan drawing in outside air and blows it over an evaporator coil filled with liquid refrigerant that absorbs the heat and converts it to a gas. The gas is then sent through a compressor to increase the heat, and finally passes into a condenser where it meets the cool pool water passing through the heater. The upfront investment of a pool heat pump is slightly higher than that of a traditional heater. Pentair offers heat pump products ranging from $2,500-$3,500. Pool heat pumps have lower operating costs and are much more energy efficient.

Solar Pool Heaters and Solar Blankets

In this day in age, the benefits of harnessing renewable solar energy are now available as an option for to heat your pool. In Arizona, we have no shortage of sun which lends itself to the use of solar power. Solar panels or collectors, a pump, and a control valve make up a solar pool heater system Solar collectors are mounted on your roof preferably in a south facing spot. A pump draws your cold pool water into the solar collectors that are made of heat absorbing material like black heavy-duty rubber or plastic. The water is heated there and is then sent back to the pool to raise the overall temperature. Control valves regulate how much water is sent through the collectors to achieve the desired heat seo one click. Solar pool heater systems can be costly ranging anywhere from $3,000-$4,000, but they require very little energy costs and little maintenance in the long run. Solar blankets that cover the pool are a great addition to solar pool heaters, and any pool heating system for that matter. The blanket absorbs sunlight, and passes the heat directly into the surface of the water.

With all of these options available on the market, don’t even think about rolling that pool cover out this fall. With a high quality pool heating system that meets your needs and your budget, swimming pools aren’t just for the summer anymore!

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