Top Pool Designs of 2018

Choosing a beautiful pool for your backyard is an exciting time! You can save thousands of dollars by using the plans available on Build Your Own Pool. BYOP experts are here to help you through the entire process of building your pool including choosing a design, 3D images, permit preparation, access to a complete subcontractor directory and readily available phone support. 

Step One: Check Out Build Your Own Pool videos. 

Step Two: Review Top Trends 
As you begin the process of choosing the perfect pool design for your home, consider these top design trends in 2018/2019. 

Take a Peek at the Top Pool Design Trends 

1. Resort Style 

Creating a resort style pool is one of the newest trends because it provides a feeling of tranquility and refinement. BYOP offers pool designs that offer a resort look without the outlandish expense that could be associated with such a project. You can create taste and charm by adding color and finishes and adjusting the pool depth for an architectural statement. 

The BYOP’s list of highly recommended pool contractors will give you additional access to imagination and creativity combined with professional knowledge and experience. When you collaborate with BYOP experts, you will save thousands of dollars while gaining access to their expertise and hands-on education that expands way beyond your pool’s final price tag. BYOP’s pool design experts have created thousands of pools, submitted plans to many building departments and understand codes, potential setbacks and design criteria. 

2. Trends in Color 

Adding a splash of color in the swimming pool plan is a hot trend that dominated in 2018 and is leading the way in 2019. So, how do you pick the right color for your pool? Intense, dark colors are considered relaxing and alluring. Cobalt blue and other deep, dark and soothing blues are at the top of the trend and are considered luxurious and lagoon-like. Explore a little to discover which colors you like the most. 

3. Tile Mosaics and Earthy Textures 

Exotic complimentary pool features are created with polished glass tiles and earthy textures like pebbles and stones. These beautiful, eye-catching colors and textures are used to complement the pool and walkways, on decks and on the pool surface. Customized medallion centerpieces on the very bottom of the pool offer eye-catching and dramatic effects. Newer tile applications are less labor-intensive and provide more affordable options. Ask your pool contractor about mosaic or natural features that can be added to complement your pool. 

4. Depth of the Pool 

Many people are using their pool for more than just leisure swimming and are moving away from the traditional gradual slope that leads from shallow to deep. A hot trend is developing that provides a depth that is consistent from pool end to pool end. This consistent depth can take a diving board into consideration or it may allow for everyone’s feet to touch the bottom for safe wading and lap swimming. 

Pools are a perfect venue for exercise because swimming utilizes the entire body in the buoyancy of water. A single depth pool is known as a sports pool and allows for continuous laps, playing basketball and team volleyball. We can all see the benefits of this hot trend. 

5. Trending Swimming Pool Plan 

Trending pool features include swim-up bars, tanning ledges and hydrotherapy jets. Hydrotherapy jets can be installed in any pool for individuals who have limited mobility or who desire to swim laps and then relax during a calm hydrotherapy session. Smart pools are another prevailing trend and offer countless hands-free options like managing the sound system, pool controls, the pool cover, temperature and more. 

Get Started Today 

Everything starts by choosing a swimming pool plan. Get started today at Build Your Own Pool. Save thousands and experience the luxury of building your own pool with all the extras and the hottest new trends.

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