The BYOP Process: How to Build Your Own Pool

If you went shopping recently for a pool, you probably returned home in shock at what pool companies charge to help you build a new pool. Pool sticker shock is widespread but we have a solution for you. We can help alleviate some of that shock with an option that has helped homeowners, just like you, save thousands of dollars & time building their own pool. 

Build Your Own Pool has been helping homeowners to design their own pools, spas and water features for their backyards.  The BYOP process begins by creating pool plans that are based on industry standards and in a format that is familiar to local, pool sub-contractors. You get a better, more thorough bid process, eliminate unnecessary delays, extra fees and unwanted options that drive up the cost of your new pool.

1. Choose Pool Plans 

BYOP has several designs for you to choose from and also offers customized plans to match your specific needs. Start by reviewing our basic, preferred and premier packages. For example, the Premier Package, is an affordable option that includes nearly everything you’ll need to navigate through the process of building your own pool. 

Each pool package lists the benefits that are included. The premier package includes a copy of the Pool Design checklist to help explain the pool planning items you should consider before you get started with your new pool project. 

The list will explain items that will be needed to achieve the design that you want. The checklist will include:

  1. Interior finish options
  2.  Decking and water-feature elements
  3. Cleaning and lighting features
  4. Sanitation and automation options
  5. Construction access review
  6. City or County setback requirements
  7. Evaluation of utility considerations
  8. Many more critical and necessary considerations that you need to review before beginning your pool project. 

2. Start Getting Bids 

The next step is to begin getting bids from the subcontractors to determine the cost of your new pool project.  Each pool subcontractor will provide you, directly with your bid for each phase of your new pool project.  You decide which subcontractor you want for your new pool project based on their warranty, pricing and their ability to work with your construction schedule.

Wholesale Pool Equipment will provide you with bid for the pool equipment specifications you indicated on your pool plan.  Review the list with one of the pool equipment specialists and then, based on your bids and the equipment list, make any final revisions to your pool construction plan, before you begin construction.  That way you control what you want, the subs you want to work with and the budget your comfortable with before you break ground.

3. Permits 

In most areas of the country you will need a building permit to ensure that your new pool construction adheres to all of the local & national building codes.
We’ll provide you with helpful guides and links to permitting resources within your city or county to help you with the information you’ll need in order to comply with the building & safety requirements in your area, click now.  

BYOP can also offer referrals to experienced pool engineering firms who are familiar with the structural components necessary for your new pool.  Whether you choose to build a simple, standard design or a complex, multi-featured design they will prepare and provide you with the documents you need for your permitting and construction phases.

4. Stay in Contact with BYOP 

Need help or not sure what direction to go, the Premier Package offers a lifeline to our design and construction professionals.  These industry specialists are available to answer all types of questions concerning your new pool project.  You can call or email at any point during your new pool construction process we’ll provide you the help or directions to links within our guides, FAQs or industry trade partners where you can find the answers you need to complete your new pool. 

Contact BYOP in Arizona or Texas 

BYOP is available and ready to help you with the planning and designing phases needed to add an amazingly & beautiful new pool to your backyard. One that your family and friends will enjoy and you can brag that you accomplish on your own and saved thousands of dollars with the help of the design specialists at Build Your Own Pool.

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