Stunning Backyard Pool

We are proud to have been a part of this backyard pool build! The whole design utilized every inch of this backyard without loosing any design beauty. The pool, seating area, and grill all work together to create the perfect space for many outdoor parties this coming Spring and Summer.


The length and shape of this pool make it perfect for pool parties, and for a good workout of swimming laps. We also love the potted plants around the edge of the pool that provide color and a cohesiveness with the fountain and seating area.


The water feature adds a fun and functional element to this pool. The bowls and tiled wall look great in the corner, and provide circulations of pool water to help keep the water cool.


The wide shallow step built in creates the perfect place for your little ones to play. It also makes for a great place for the adults to lay out or read a book while still being cooled off by the refreshing pool water.


Can’t you picture your family taking a break from swimming and enjoying a cold Popsicle in this seating area? We love the curved bench that provides a many seats d3 home. And, when the cool nights are still around, each spot on this bench is the perfect distance from the fire pit in the middle.


Last but not least, the grill area. No backyard party is complete without a little grilling! You can see that the pool design didn’t stop at the pool. Each area is tied together with coordinating colors and features.


Are you inspired for a pool build or renovation?! We sure are and can’t wait to help you out with your project this year! Contact us to get started and soon you can be throwing your own party in a great space just like this one.   


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