Shade for your Swimming Pool

When designing a pool to fit into your backyard, it is also important to think about the surrounding landscape and your summertime needs. Refuge from the sun is a landscape addition that is both practical and can be a beautiful addition to your backyard design. When thinking about adding shade to your backyard, try letting your creative juices flow! For example: trees and shrubs can add beauty to a yard while garden structures create cool and comfortable seating and entertaining areas. There are many ways to introduce shade and craft focal points into your backyard and pool design:


Completed pool and covered lounge area.

Built-in structures can serve as shade and a place to gather around a patio table. Pergolas and arbors are most often made of wood. One way to give these wooden structures added shade is to cover them in vines. Plant the vines in the soil at the base of the posts; one to two vines per post is ideal. As the tendrils shoot up, use outdoor wire to wrap the vine around each post. The tendrils have a natural tendency to grasp onto the surface, so you will not need to use a lot of wire. Cabanas and Gazebos are built-in structures with solid rooftops. They provide the extra benefit of cover from rain and stormy weather.


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Unlike structures and plants umbrellas can be taken down after use. They can be stored in the winter time or during storms and set back up with ease. Umbrellas also offer a variety of color options to match your backyard design. Canopies are a large form of umbrellas that can have side shades to block the wind or setting sun. Awnings attach to the house and are generally used to shade a back patio. The awning can give you a more permanent feel while still giving you the ability to store it away.


When choosing the vegetation route for shade consider the height of the plants chosen and the location of the plants. Fruit Trees, for example, provide both excellent shade and food Fruit trees, especially apple trees, can reach heights of more than 30ft and more than 10ft wide. If you choose to plant a few trees, pick a spot in the corner of your backyard. This will not only create a beautiful mini orchard, but also allow for easier fruit harvesting and debris clean up. When planning out your backyard you may want to think about planting the trees or tall shrubs away from the pool to keep the pool cleaning to a minimum Liberty Bell Workers Compensation. Also, think about the roots and whether or not they will interfere with the pool structure, patio or house.

Shade should be thought of as an essential addition to any sunny backyard. It provides a relief from the hot sun when you, your children or your guests spend hours outside playing in your pool this summer. Depending on your budget considerations and landscape design, there is nearly always a way to create shaded areas in every yard. Let us help you design the right pool and coordinating landscape for your new backyard this summer!

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