Save Thousands with Build Your Own Pool’s Expertise and Services

Free form swimming pool with BYOP. At BYOP, we can help you cut your pool construction costs by up to 30-40%. Want to know more? Here’s how you can save thousands with Build Your Own Pool.


The design phase is a critical part of the planning process and doing it right enables you to build your pool efficiently and effectively. We have the aesthetic and engineering experience to supply prospective pool owners with a solid and clear plan for pool building. From incorporating important pool elements, details, and often forgotten features into the initial design phase, to ensuring concise architectural drawings, the design portion of any pool process sets the steps in motion for the most direct route to bringing your dream pool to fruition.

Find out more about our design process and get your own pool plan created by design experts at Build Your Own Pool here:

Engineering and Permitting Costs

As experts in pool construction, BYOP knows that having a great plan in place is a critical first step in order for contractors to commence work on structurally completing your pool. Next, BYOP provides professional advice and guidance on navigating the engineering and permitting processes to save you time and money. With a trusted adviser negotiating these tricky procedures, your pool plan moves quickly along instead of getting stuck on bureaucratic hang-ups that can waylay the building process beyond your planned timeline. 

Established Relationships

Our relationships with trusted contractors and sub-contractors is the hallmark of Build Your Own Pool’s design-build experience. Having watched multiple projects unfold over the years, we only recommend contractors and sub-contractors that guarantee the highest and best building standards and you can rest assured that your pool will turn out as beautiful as promised on a predictable timeline without fretting about the hassle and price gouging that many people face on the open market. Build Your Own Pool takes pride in our pools and wants to empower you as the owner to take the reins on your pool project with confidence and knowledge. Our sister company, Wholesale Pool Equipment offers a great place to get started with free quotes on your dream project today:


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