Requirements for Building Your Own Pool

The backyard tranquility and all-around fun and enjoyment that are achieved with an in-ground swimming pool are challenging to accomplish any other way! Yet most people stop before they even begin to look for a pool because they are afraid of prices. We have an affordable answer for you. With our help at Build Your Own Pool (BYOP), you can become a pool builder. The requirements for building your own pool can be met by following our four easy to follow steps. We provide the expertise that you need for a genuinely successful do-it-yourself project. 

Pool Builders Requirements 

You can get the best prices available when we give you access to outstanding discounts on pools and accessories, and we will help you knock out the middleman by hiring and paying contractors directly. Most pool companies sell the pools themselves and then they hire subcontractors to do the work. When you build your own pool, much of the installation can be completed on your own, but there are steps that you will need to have completed by a subcontractor. 

At BYOP, we offer access to discounts on pools and all the extras, as-well-as access to a list of qualified contractors for you to choose from. That means you don’t have to search the internet and think about whether the most popular contractors promoted by The Marketing Heaven for instance, are really as reliable as they claim to be. We knock hidden costs out of the picture so that you can save thousands of dollars. All the township and city safety and building requirements can be met step by easy step. Plus, you will earn DIY bragging rights along with a priceless sense of satisfaction when you are directly involved in building your own pool! 

Pool Builders Easy First Steps 

1. Customized Pool Designs and Pool Plans 
Start by reviewing our predesigned pool plans that can fit any budget or speak with one of our expert consultants to discuss custom pool designs. Each plan includes a custom design with one free revision or six standard industry-scale pool design and specification lists. 

Your plan will include a review and planning checklist, pool sequence and bid sheet, construction checklist and all the extra details that you need. You will receive the requirements that apply to your municipality like a standard structural engineering plan that is wet sealed by an engineer. You will have permit application and submission checklist to keep you on track with your city requirements along with a property site plan that is complete with your city and county details and notes. Along with all of the specific step-by-step information that we offer you with your plan, you will have email and phone construction support. We will be here to help through each step of your pool’s construction. Each plan offers you fantastic support along with DIY money-saving power. 

2. Hiring Subcontractors 

The two most common reasons to hire a subcontractor are for excavation and electrical work. The homeowner can do the hole excavation and dirt removal, but this is often a task that is best completed in the hands of a professional. An electrician is needed to meet the electrical requirements according to the local electrical code and most areas also require an inspection of the electrical work. 

Most pool building homeowners choose to complete the next steps on their own to receive the most significant savings, but you can subcontract these tasks out to a professional pool installer or a local worker. 

1. Assemble wool Walls 
2. Pour concrete footer 
3. Install PVC plumbing 
4. Pack sand or use Portland mix to create a floor 
5. Install liner 
6. Backfill the pool 

The requirements for building your pool will be included in your pool kit. 

We have good news! Based on customer feedback, purchasing one of our pool kits and hiring a subcontractor to complete most of your pool’s installation will typically save you more than 6,000 dollars when compared with estimates from traditional swimming pool companies. The more work that you complete yourself, the more money you can expect to save! True DIY Pool Builders have reported saving more than 10,000 dollars by building their own pool!

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