Reasons to Build a Swimming Pool Yourself

Benefits of DIY Pool Building

A vacation, a theme park, and other fun activities provide great memories for a short period of time. Owning an in-ground pool offers endless hours of joy and relaxation and is comparable to an endless vacation. A swimming pool is a great place to relax, exercise and play. Watching others enjoy the water will lighten your heart and give you a reason to smile. How many purchases can provide us with this level of pleasure? Join me on a journey as we consider the top reasons for building your own pool instead of hiring a costly pool company.


1. Do-It-Yourself Status

Performing a do-it-yourself project is one of the most fulfilling experiences available. Whether you are building a patio, restoring an antique car, refinishing a cabinet or installing a pool. As a result, there is a huge trend in homeowners building their pool, rather than hiring a pool company. Subcontracting the construction of your pool is not rocket science, but it is a life-changing, home improving, family and friend bonding experience. Build Your Own Pool is ready and available to start you on this exciting journey.


2. Labor Free Options: Simply Oversee the Project

When most people think about pool construction, they picture the pool company digging the hole for the pool, doing the plumbing and electrical and completing the entire project. But this is not the case. Most pool contractors do not perform the actual labor. Instead, they hire subcontractors. Now, picture this: you can act as a general contractor and hire subcontractors to perform the work. This is fairly simple, especially when you buy a pool plan from Build Your Own Pool.  The pool package includes a list of subcontractors in your area and an itemized list of tasks to be completed. The road-map is handed to you.

3. Save Thousands of Dollars

In addition, Build Your Own Pool helps homeowners in Arizona and Texas save thousands of dollars. Building a pool is essentially assembling the proper subcontractors to complete the work, and providing this oversight and completing this legwork provides substantial savings. You can expect to save approximately $10,000 to $15,000 on average below the quotes received from different pool companies providing the same pool. Plus, you can save even more when you dig the hole yourself and perform various tasks like landscaping, decking and other options. As you can imagine, saving money is one of the biggest advantages of doing it yourself!


4. HFS Pool Financing 

The Build Your Own Pool website features access to pool loans. The process takes a few minutes to complete, and you will receive your HFS loan approval in minutes or within 24 hours. The loan money may be used to improve any area of your home. So, you can include the pool plan, material, subcontractor fees, landscaping, a spa, hot tub, waterfall or other features in one loan.


5. Choose the Best Pool Design

Each home has a certain style, which can be drastically improved with the right in-ground pool. When you build your own pool, we will help you select the best pool design, location and position for your home. You may choose an entryway or certain windows to overlook the pool. The right pool will greatly enhance your property value, improve your curb appeal and appeal to future home buyers. Build Your Own Pool offers multiple pre-designed pool blueprints, as well as custom designs. Our experts will visit your home to view the property and confirm that your prospective pool design will accentuate your home, receive ample sunshine and meet your town’s legal statutes.


6. Customize Your Swimming Pool without Limitations

Most pool companies provide little pool for the buck when compared to a build your own project. We will help you build a customized pool designed exclusively for their yard. Our design experts will help you remove limitations set by most companies because any personalized options would accrue additional fees attached to the base price. As the project boss, you can set the standards and expectations to match your preferences. For example, if you want three feet added to the deck, more expensive tile, or a water fountain, simply include this when you request prices from the subcontractors. Most customized options can be slipped into the project with little impact on the total cost. The final project is gorgeous with tons of details that would’ve cost a fortune if you chose a pool company.


Learn More about Building Your Own Swimming Pool

To conclude, owning your own pool is amazing, and building a pool yourself is an extraordinary option that is available with huge savings. Build Your Own Pool offers homeowners in Arizona or Texas thousands of dollars in savings. If you want to explore the options available and learn more about the process, visit our Build Your Own Pool website. We look forward to assisting you.

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