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At Build Your Own Pool, not only do we help you build and install your new backyard pool, but we also want to educate you on how to best set up your equipment and care for your pool in the future. Most building codes not only regulate the design and build-out of a pool, but they also regulate the equipment that goes into these projects. A new pool construction inspection, depending on your local building code, will look at every detail even the distance of the pool equipment to the pool edge. As you can see, finding the right equipment and the planning the right design is especially needed with new pool construction or pool renovation projects. It’s our passion to help you find the very best pool equipment, according to code, to help you keep your backyard investment sparkling, clean, and properly functioning. With all of the innovative products out there that might make a new pool project a success, even we know that it takes a skilled pool expert and installer to put the equipment to use and make sure everything passes inspection.

During an electrical inspection of a recent customer’s build, we were reminded of this very point. The inspector noticed that at the point where the electrical wires from a light niche entered the conduit, there was a duct seal missing. At first glance, this seemed like a serious code and safety oversight. If the pool would have been filled without a duct seal water would have been able to penetrate through the light fixture. The water would have been able to make contact with live wiring causing tragic results for any future swimmers.

However, because of the expert installer that was hired, this code violation was actually avoided. When the light was installed, the installer realized that the design called for a product that would have to be purchased separately and did not come with a duct seal. Instead of slowing down the project to go and find the matching duct seals, the installer knew that the conduit could also be sealed with silicone on the other end moving companies in north county san diego. This alternative not only provide the same safeguard, but it also stood up to code inspection. The inspector was informed of the alternative solution and the electric work passed and the project was able to proceed to completion.

While a simple solution was needed to overcome this issue, without an experienced installer or proper equipment this pool would not have passed inspection more about language school in los angeles ca. Each pool construction project is made up of many parts. The knowledge and expertise given by a professional installer is invaluable when working on any pool project. Let us help you find the right professionals and products to make your next pool project smooth and successful.

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