Product Highlight: bobé Water & Fire Features’ Copper Scuppers

At Build Your Own Pool, it’s our business to know everything there is about pool accessories. There are some favorites out there though so we thought we absolutely must highlight one for our customers. bobé Water & Fire Features is an Arizona-based fabricator of sheet metal products that transform pools, spas, and landscapes into places of working art. With over 30 years of experience in sheet metal design, fabrication, and engineering, bobé Water & Fire Features believes in creating unique water and fire features to enhance your ultimate outdoor experience.

This company is exactly what your pool has been waiting for. One particular product they make that has really caught our eye lately is the Smooth Flow Series Scuppers. These beautiful all copper scuppers enhance the look of your pool by creating flowing, glass-like sheets of water coming from your pool edge seo one click. The combination of visual effect and soothing sounds produced by these accessories make them truly unique and a wonderful fit in any new pool or renovation project. They come in a wide range of sizes from 6” to 72” depending upon your needs. If your particular project demands special sizing, bobé can create custom scuppers manufactured to your specifications.

Bobe Owner Bob with Marshall, Owner of BYOPWe’ve seen these beauties in action and the effects are mesmerizing. Check out bobé’s owner Bob and BYOP’s very own Marshall with a custom made, 3’ copper sheer decent scupper on its way to being shipped to a project in Rockford, Illinois.

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