Problems With Pool Plans Not Designed Properly

While this might be able to pass as modern art at some museums, it most certainly won’t work as a swimming pool plan. Just because a pool is built in the private property behind one’s home does not make it any less important than the house in regards to how it is planned, designed, and permitted. When beginning the process of conceptualizing a new pool, it is important to establish a strong foundation for the project in the form of well-organized and clearly designed plan.

Professionals with the right architectural and engineering experience to foresee and plan for all building issues typically draft the best pool designs. These experts have interacted with a variety of building departments and know about relevant codes, setbacks, and design criteria that might affect your project. When choosing a designer remember that to ensure ease of passage through the city or county permitting processes and to receive accurate bids from potential builders, it is vital that your pool design process includes the following steps and details:

•An on-site review and measurement of the planned pool area.
•A planning meeting to review ideas and vision for the swimming pool.
•Auto-CAD plans complete with standard pool specifications including everything subcontractors will need to accurately bid on the project.
Drawn to industry scale of 1/8”, making it easier for pool professionals to understand.
•Pool schematics including depth details, layout points and equipment plumbing.
•A completed pool plan submitted for the city or county office including plot plan copies, standard swimming pool engineering specs, and pool permit applications.
•On-site pool layout that’s ready for the excavator to start digging.

When a pool design does not take into account all of these elements, it leaves your project open to potential regulatory issues with your city, county, or homeowner’s association, and additional costs from your subcontractors. If you would like assistance in formulating a solid swimming pool plan, Build Your Own Pool offers a free online Swimming Pool Planning and Design Guide that outlines a step-by-step process to getting your new pool project off to a good start. Incorporating all of your ideas into one comprehensive plan at the beginning of the project will not only help you avoid costly mistakes, but it will result in a pool that you and your family can absolutely enjoy.

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