Pool Safety Products and Equipment

A pool is a beautiful addition to any home and safety should always be a priority. BYOP offers access to extreme discounts and clear steps on how to build your pool including important pool safety products and equipment. With the help click on xsikisizle.net of experts at BYOP, you can quickly meet your township and city pool safety requirements and earn significant DIY bragging rights as your friends, family and business acquaintances enjoy the luxury of your gorgeous new pool. Check out BYOP pool plans

Pool Safety Recommendations 

Follow all safety ordinances, and communicate safety requirements to all children and adult guests to ensure that everyone experiences the safest and most pleasurable swimming experience in your pool. 

1. Check your city and county safety and ordinance and codes.

2. Use non-slip materials on decking, diving board and pool ladders.

3. Pool ladder steps should be three inches wide.

4. Pool ladder handrails on both sides must be small enough for a young child’s hands to grasp. 

5. Place pool ladders at both ends of your pool. 

6. All electrical equipment must be installed in compliance with your local safety codes and must be inspected by local inspectors. BYOP has a list of recommended electrical contractors in your area. 

7. Your pools depth must be safe for a diving board or slide, and both must always be positioned in the deep area of the pool. BYOP design experts are available to assist you with pool designs that match safety requirements. 

8. Four-foot or higher fencing must surround your pool along with a locked gate. The fencing must be challenging to climb. Trees, shrubs and lawn furniture must not be close enough to help boost a child over the fence. Fencing access should not be close to a house window. 

9. Mark the pool’s water depths clearly for all to see. Use a safety float line to acknowledge the slope where the bottom of the pool deepens. 

10. Above ground pools must have sturdy guard rails around the entire pool deck, and the metal shell must be checked regularly to avoid sharp edges. Your above ground pool’s ladder must swing upward and lock to protect children from gaining access to the pool without supervision. 

11. Periodically check the pool and all equipment to ensure cleanliness and proper maintenance. Repair any loose, broken railings and damaged or worn non-slip materials on a regular basis. 

12. Always provide adult supervision and teach children to float and swim as early as possible. 

13. Roughhousing, running and wild play should be explained to your guests as dangerous according to red truck fire

14. Encourage no pushing. 

15. Water-slides should be used feet first 

16. Rescue devices should be nearby –
Everyone should be informed about how to respond in the case of an emergency, including an alarm bell. 

17. Keep all electrical devices away from the pool. 

18. Safety covers and nets are easy to use and can prevent children and pets from entering the pool. 

Safety Covers 

Safety covers, including pool nets, leaf covers and automatic pool covers provide essential safety barriers that protect children and pets from entering your pool unaware. Low cost, easy use options have a proven track record for saving lives. BYOP experts offer safety recommendations that will fit your new pool. 

Some safety nets can hold up to 485 pounds and are available for many different pool designs. Leaf covers can easily support the weight of the child or adult in the case of emergency when they are installed over a safety net and will fit the exact size and shape of your new pool fixbodygroup.com. Automatic pool covers are a standard safety option that fits over a pool that does not have elevated areas, such as rock formations. Other options are available for pools that have variations in levels. 

Ask your BYOP expert in Texas about the many automatic pool covers available for standard and customized pools. Popular choices include mounted or recessed top deck tracks installed on both sides of the pool. Under tracks can also be installed in a raised wall during the construction. There are many pool cover options when you are building your pool. 

How to Build Your Own Pool 

Building your own, affordable pool in Texas is now easier than ever! BYOP specializes in offering affordable options with huge discounts that focus on safety and comply with all local requirements. You can do the work yourself by following our easy steps or you can even save money by hiring our recommended contractors and purchasing equipment through us at huge discounts. Contact build your own pool experts and save up to 10,000 dollars when building your own gorgeous pool.

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