Pool Renovation Ideas


Sometimes small changes can make you fall in love with your backyard pool all over again. There are many pool renovation options out there that will help get excited about, and make you want to share your pool with friends and family once again.

Resurface your pool.

There are many choices out there for resurfacing your swimming pool interior that can change the texture of your pool as well as the color of the water. Plasters can include a stone finish, using pebbles, to create texture, or have a smooth and polished finish. To change the color of your water, there are many options with quartz and crystals. Light is reflected off of the stones creating brilliant colors in the water. 

Add beautiful tile work.

A custom mosaic design on the step or bottom off the pool can add a dramatic and fun touch to your pool. You could also choose to update or add a stripe of striking tile or stone around the edge of your pool. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this addition that will enhance your existing pool.

Add a water feature.

The addition of a fountain or waterfall is a great way to add to the visual appeal of your backyard pool. There are many ways to create both fountains and waterfalls. Fountains can be in the form of sprinklers on the side of the pool, or come out of structures added onto the deck. Waterfall can be a water trickling down a stack of rocks, or a solid stream of water flowing down a high wall. Pull ideas from your existing pool design and backyard landscape to make the most out of your new water feature.

Light up your backyard.

There are now many great options to update the lights in your pool or around your patio/backyard. LED lighting can add cool visual effects. You now have a wide choice of color options to make your pool water glow at night. If you have any water features installed, the right lighting can really make them stand out at night.

Show your deck or patio some love.

Lounge area with a fire bowl in the center and a built in wall couch with blue pillows. If your deck or patio looks worn, there are some great ways to spruce it up. If you have stone pavers, replacing them or even going with a new tile design can make a big difference. When you are making upgrades to your deck or patio keep in mind the colors that already exist in your landscape or pool. This way your renovations will only improve the current look and feel of your backyard. 

Homeowners should take advantage of these renovations. Each one is a smaller upgrade that will make a great improvement to their pool and backyard living space. Some of these upgrades, like the deck or patio and resurfacing your pool, not only benefit you visually, they can also add years onto the life of your pool and backyard. We love to talk to our customers about ideas for their pool renovations. Sometimes another pair of eyes is just what you need to make the right decision on your renovation. So, stop by, bring some pictures, and let’s chat about your backyard pool.




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