Making Your Backyard Dreams Come True

We are always talking about how Build Your Own Pool in Phoenix is in the business of making your backyard dreams come true but unless you have worked with us before, it is sometimes hard to imagine what that can look like when all is said and done. The problem is that most of us are not used to seeing dreams become reality, or if we are, it is hardly on the scale of completely transforming the way you interact with and look at your home. Well just this week, we completed one of our most ambitious, and I would say most successful projects to date – here’s a Phoenix backyard and pool transformation story like no other.


As far as blank canvases go, we lucked out with this one. The area was relatively level already and the existing landscaping was going to be easy to remove. The yard was also massive so we had plenty of room to operate in and to design on. Once we completed the design, it was time to actually draw it on the cleared and leveled surface. This is where bringing professional designers and engineers into a new pool building process make all the difference. It is one thing to imagine the pool of your dreams, but it is quite another to be able to lay it out, in real life, and in the correct proportions to fit well, look good, and function properly in your backyard.
When the client, the designers, the contractors, and the city were all happy with the design, we began excavation. As we mentioned before, this yard was already relatively level, very large, and clear of any obstacles so it was pretty easy for our contractors to get their equipment in and out and work efficiently. No matter what the conditions are in the backyard though, it is always a pretty invasive process having a massive hole dug in your yard. It is important to remember though that with the right design team and proper planning, this seemingly messy phase is just a brief precursor to having the pool of your dreams.
After that it was time to install the plumbing, electrical, and pool equipment. Most homeowners do not realize how early on this portion of the build takes place. It is one of the reasons why everything needs to be well thought out and designed from the very beginning because after this comes the shotcrete and things get a lot harder to go backwards on. This is also the point where things get a little stressful because it is inspection time. If all of the plumbing and electric work is not properly engineered and installed to code, the inspector can put the breaks on your project which is never a good thing.
Next came the first phase of some of the water features and amenities. The cinder block structure at the bottom of the photo is the base and foundation for the outdoor covered Ramada style patio cooking area and bar. The welded wire installation at the top left part of the photo is the frame for the stone slide and grotto. This is the portion of the project where building architecture, sculpture, and pool building all come together to begin to personalize a design. These are the little details that will become the highlights of what will set this swimming pool apart from any other.
A few more steps and both the water features and the amenities got a little bit closer to completion. We actually had to take apart a little bit of the owner’s home to attach the Ramada to the existing back porch. Our guys were able to match the design and aesthetic of the house perfectly though, all the way down to the color of the paint and the size and type of the roofing tiles.
Once some more finishing touches were made on the slide, grotto, and the Ramada, the long and arduous process of laying the deck was underway. We used the same travertine tiles throughout the deck and on the floor of the Ramada. They were a perfect mixture of natural red, yellow, and brown tones that matched the surrounding soil as well as the color and aesthetic of the home. Decks can be really important ways to tie an entire pool project together and in this case gave the backyard a generally warm and rustic feel that we thought the owners were going to love.
With the project finally coming together, we got started on the pool surface. The owners chose a wonderful PebbleTec, PebbleSheen surface in a slate blue shade that would give the pool a natural shimmer and shine that you just cannot get with a traditional plaster pool finish. PebbleTec products are of an incredibly high quality and durability and can only be applied by licensed installers or certified pool builders to guarantee proper application. These contractors were incredibly careful and meticulous with the application of this product and the results really showed in the end.
After 2 ½ months and with relatively few slow downs, we could not have been happier with how this project came together. We had successfully transformed what was once a large but basically empty back yard into an oasis that this family would be able to enjoy for years and years to come. Between the slide, the grotto, and the Ramada, this pool had something for everyone and will definitely be host to a number of parties and other gatherings by next summer. If you are interested in speaking with a member of our design team about how you can turn your backyard into a dream yard, give us a call at (480) 214-5691.

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