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Beautiful Luxury Home with Swimming Pool at Sunset in Phoenix, Arizona. Once you have decided to build your own pool, you will most likely be interested in the amazing trends that will be in fashion for decades. Due to the latest technology, the options for your new pool are nearly endless. You can use the ideas detailed below to make certain you create the swimming pools of your dreams.

Tanning Ledges

The shallow end of your pool is no longer just for kids due to tanning ledges. You may have heard this referred to as a sun or tanning shelf. You can still play with your kids, but you can also enjoy sunbathing. You will remain cool while achieving the ideal tan. You can purchase special lounging chairs designed to get wet for your new pool to make your experience even better.

Built-In Bars

You can do a lot more with your new pool than swim. Pools are also for socializing and relaxing. There are many different options for building a bar including using stools or benches. You decide how large you want your bar to fit the design of your pool. Then simply choose the stools or benches best suited to your design and lifestyle.

Infinity Edge

You can incorporate your pool plans to include an infinity edge. This will enable the water to flow over the edge. In the past, you had to stay at a luxury resort to enjoy an infinity pool. You can save money building a pool as opposed to the expense of taking a vacation. This trend is ideal if your backyard has a scenic view. The way the edges of your pool appears to vanish is both elegant and beautiful at xn--smln-coab.com/.

The trick is the hidden basin for your overflow. The water is simply recycled prior to going right back into your pool. This will also help with any debris. The sound of the water running adds a serene and peaceful effect. This turns your backyard into an oasis. This trend is stunning.

Natural Pond

You already know chlorine is not beneficial for your hair and skin. You may also not like the chemical odor from chlorine. These are the reasons natural pools have become so trendy. Your pool will look like an organic pond. Aquatic vegetation provides a natural filter for your pool. To make certain your pool remains sanitary, use a UV sterilizer and line your pool with polyethylene.

Beauty of Fire and Water

home exterior design pavilion of pool villa.When you combine your pool with a fire pit, the sights and sounds are sensational. This is a chance to use your creativity and imagination for your pool layout to transform your backyard into a lovely and exciting oasis. There are a lot of possibilities that will suit your personal preferences beautifully.

Importance of Lighting

Pool building experts have been using smart lighting for decades for their hardscaping designs. Due to the latest technology, you have even more options than in the past. The options for both brightness and color are incredible. The days of needing to turn your lights on and off by flipping a switch are over. You can customize your lighting to match your personal preferences.

There are apps you can install on your smartphone to set and adjust the timing, brightness and the color of your pool lighting. Every time you make a change to your lighting, your pool will look different. This is almost like having a variety of pools to choose from. Your friends and family will be entranced by the lighting you have incorporated into your pool plans.

Zero-Depth Entry Pool

This type of pool will make you feel like you are walking into the water at the beach. You can re-create all of the fun you had at the beach without ever leaving your backyard. If you have kids, the sloping design is ideal for playing in the shallow end of your pool. You can design your pool with a deep end as well so you can still jump or dive into deeper waters.

You decide the exact depth of both ends depending on who will be enjoying your pool. Use your creativity to determine the size, depth and specifics of your design. A zero-depth entry pool is almost like having a beach right in your backyard.

Saltwater Pool

If you have ever taken a cruise or stayed at a resort, the chances are good you have already enjoyed a saltwater pool. This trend is both long-lasting and popular because your water will feel softer. Your water will also be much gentler for your eyes and skin. Not only can you save money building a pool, but you will have to do a lot less maintenance.

Your pool will not be chlorine-free, but there will be a lot less in your water. You will be using the electrolysis process to create a salt system. This is what creates the chlorine that will disinfect the water in your pool.

Pergolas and Pavilions

Pergolas and pavilions have been successfully providing shade for centuries. This is an integral part of turning your backyard into an oasis. You can use these structures to offer shade for strategic areas such as outdoor cooking or sunbathing sections in your backyard. You can even provide shade for your kids in the shallow end of your pool.

Dark Interior

More and more pool designs are incorporating dark interiors. This offers a relaxing, lagoon-like feel. You can add rock features such as a waterfall to turn your backyard into a paradise. When you use a dark interior for your pool, it will attract and retain your heat better than if you used a lighter interior. This will save you money for heating your pool. The darker finish will also help hide any dirt or debris so your pool appears more refreshing.

Luxurious Finishes

If you intend to build a custom gunite pool, you will have an extensive choice of finishes. The finishes created to cover your concrete are available in a wide range of textures and colors. One of the best benefits of a gunite pool is the amazing tile work you can use for the edge of the water. This type of tile is much higher quality and more beautiful than the more traditional concrete edging.

This enables you to be even more creative for the landscaping you choose for your patio. You can create the pool you have been dreaming of for years with a design that will never go out of style.

The Spool

If you do not have a large backyard or have a smaller budget for your pool, the solution may be a spool. This is a type of spa hybrid and small pool combined. You can have either a spa or a pool depending on the weather or how you are currently feeling. You can substantially decrease your energy costs by installing a built-in, automatic cover.

This will enable you to enjoy a refreshing dip, relax in a smaller space, play with your kids or even read your favorite book. When you build a spool, you will be saving space in your backyard to allow for other activities and any additions you are planning. 

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