Lighting Your In-Ground Pool for Beauty and Safety

In-ground pool lighting and other unique options will enhance your swimming pool design and create a pleasing experience during day or night swimming. Some of the most common in-ground pool lighting questions include:

Should I Light My Pool?

Lighting options for your swimming pool.Many families enjoy nighttime swimming, and the reflective light creates a spa-like ambiance. In-ground pool lighting also helps parents watch little ones while they enjoy a family swim after dark because it produces better visibility throughout the entire pool. Overhead lighting cannot create the underwater profile provided by in-ground pool lighting. If you are looking to build a pool, explore lighting options.

What is the Required Maintenance for Pool Lights?

Pool lighting typically only requires light bulb replacement when necessary. In most cases, the water will not need to be lowered to replace the bulb. Fiber-optic bulb replacement typically involves removing the cover of a light-box that is located on or near the patio and snapping in a new lamp. A single screw usually allows you to lift the bulb housing and replace the bulb. The entire process takes five to ten minutes. Some lighting requires the integral component to be replaced, but this type of house usually holds an LED bulb that lasts for many years.

Bulb replacement costs fluctuate, but typically a large LED light bulb costs $450-$650. A small LED bulb may run from only $50-$350 depending on the design. Fiber-optic lights usually cost $20-$60, and incandescent bulbs may cost $30-$70.

Should I Have Pool Lighting Installed During Construction or Added Later?

Some pool accessories are added after construction, but underground pool lighting does not offer that flexibility without a significant renovation. If you are considering lights, it’s best to have them installed during construction. Discuss lighting with a qualified electrician after you choose your swimming pool design.

How Many Lights Do I need?

The number of lights will depend on the type of lighting used. One LED light should be selected at a minimum to illuminate a 30-foot long pool, and additional bulbs will add elegance and beauty. Pools longer than 30 feet require two lights; it is essential to note this is the bare minimum. Most families choose two or more lights for any pool.

What Are LED Pool Lights?

An LED (light-emitting diodes) does not emit heat and does not have filaments. The LED lighting can change color or feature various light shows. LED bulbs typically have a lifespan of 30,000 hours compared to incandescent bulbs that offer 5000 hours and fiber-optic lamps that offer 6000 hours. One LED bulb is equivalent to six incandescent light bulb replacements or five fiber-optic bulb replacements.

What is Fiber-Optic Lighting?

Fiber-optic pool lighting is typically being replaced with LED technology. The fiber-optic pool light is unique because it is usually located in a dry box at the bottom of the pool patio. The light travels through fiber-optic cables within the pool wall to shine light out into the water. Some fiber-optic lights allow the pool to change color. Fiber-optic lighting is typically the least bright option, and it is one of the most expensive options since they emit a smaller amount of light, visit

What is Incandescent Lighting?

Incandescent lighting works by passing an electric current through a wire, which lights up and produces a bright light within the incandescent bulb. For the incandescent bulbs to change color, a colored lens must be placed over the light casing. This is an old-fashioned option when compared to more modern lighting. Incandescent bulb life is significantly shorter than LED bulbs.

How Much Should I budget for In-Ground Pool Lighting?

Full-size LED pool lighting installed in a vinyl liner, concrete pools, and other options typically cost between $1000-$1500. Smaller LED lighting costs $700-$900, and fiber-optic lighting usually cost $1300-$1700. Full-size incandescent pool lighting typically costs $450-$650.

Are There Safety Concerns Associated With Pool Lighting?

Pool lighting is incredibly safe when it is installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications and are compliant with local building codes. Under-water lights are virtually risk-free when they are correctly installed.

Contact a Swimming Pool Expert

Building a pool is one of the most rewarding projects, and do-it-yourself swimming pools are exceptionally cost-effective. Build Your Own Pool experts have helped thousands of homeowners in Arizona and Texas complete DIY in-ground swimming pools. Night swimming is a beautiful experience, and the ambiance of underwater lights creates a memorable experience. Contact BYOP to find out how to save thousands of dollars on a gorgeous in-ground pool with customized lighting and enhanced options.

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