Is My Backyard Big Enough for a Pool?

Creating a beautiful and inviting backyard is easy when you install a swimming pool. But, is your yard big enough? Before you decide on a pool for your yard, you need to consider one crucial factor – size. Begin by envisioning how much room the pool will take up in your yard. While there are certain in-ground pool standards, swimming pools come in just about any size you desire, and the design will make all the difference. 

Pick a Pool Design for Your Backyard 

A pool will fit into your backyard if you choose the size and shape based on how you will use the pool and the size of your yard. BYOP experts in Arizona and Texas offer basic, preferred and premier pool plans to help you choose the perfect match for your yard. Customized plans are also available. Building your own pool has never been more accessible or affordable. Pool construction experts are ready and available to assist you in choosing the right size and pool design for your yard. 

1. Choose the Shape 
First, consider a rectangular pool, which is twice the size on one side as it is on the other. The average depth of a rectangular pool is 5.5 feet, and typical rectangular pool dimensions are 10 x 20, 15 x 30 or 20 x 40. If you swim for exercise, you could choose an elongated shape or a lap pool. Another option is to get a swim spa with water jets that allow you to swim in place. Lap and spa pools must be deep enough so that you do not scrape your hands on the bottom. 

2. Choose the Size 
How do you plan to use the pool? Do you plan to relax in the sun and take a dip once in a while to cool off? If so, you will not need a large pool. If you are want to invite friends over, enjoy time in the pool with your large family or plan to spend a lot of time in the water, you will want extra space to move around. 

Do you want a diving board? If so, you will need a deeper and broader pool so that no one dives into the pool wall. The minimum size for a pool with a diving board installed will depend on the laws in your area. BYOP is up to date on the rules and regulations for pools built in Arizona and Texas and will help you to choose a pool that will best match your needs. 

3. Consider Who Will Use Your Pool 

Another thing to consider when building your own pool is who will be using your pool. If adults are primarily using your pool, you may want to consider a greater depth to maximize the swimming space. If you have children in your pool, you will want to have a shallow or wading area so they can splash safely around. Steps are also an excellent option for family and friends including children because everyone can comfortably climb in and out of the pool using pool steps rather than a ladder. 

Pools attract friends that you may not have seen for quite a while! If you have a large family, you already know that you need a larger pool because everyone likes to spread out and do their own thing. But you should also consider that many times family and friends bring others with them. A BYOP design expert can help you to design a pool that will meet the needs of your family, friends and unexpected guests. 

Pool Construction Contact BYOP 

Save thousands of dollars building your own pool with BYOP in Arizona and Texas. Enjoying a beautiful pool that fits into your backyard is possible with the help of pool design experts. Visit BYOP at How to Get Started.

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