If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It – Build Your Own Pool This Summer

Swimming pool in back of luxury home with blue stone deck.With the summer heat in full swing in Arizona, the thought of having a backyard pool could be enough to drive homeowners to grab their shovels and start digging. Most homeowners probably haven’t considered the possibility of building their own pool, but what if they had the knowledge, the specs and the connections to get the job done right and start enjoying their dream pool?

When it comes to construction, knowledge is power. And knowledge saves money in the long run. Homeowners who have access to detailed pool plans are better able to deal confidently with subcontractors, evaluate bids and eliminate additional costs throughout the project.

So where should a homeowner dreaming of a pool go to educate themselves? One Arizona company, Build Your Own Pool in Phoenix, Arizona is arming residents with everything they need to take on their backyard pool project with confidence. The company starts prospective pool owners off with a free download that provides essential basics to start planning and designing their own pool, such as how to use Google to start the process, the 12 things every pool plan must include, tips for getting municipal approval for a pool construction permit, and basic education on pool elements, details and features. For those who are ready to take the plunge, Build Your Own Pool offers a variety of pool planning packages for all budget ranges.

Some of the key elements that homeowners should look for in a pool plan are pool specifications such as pool perimeter, surface area, plumbing and electric specs. Having these specifications allows the homeowner to provide sub-contractors with accurate information that results in pricing consistency and faster bids. It’s also important to include details in construction cut views so that no important steps are missed during the pool construction process. Additionally,appropriate pool equipment packages should be included in the plan so that the correct pumps, filters and heaters can be priced and installed. This eliminates over-sizing and saves money over time by operating more efficient pool equipment.

Clearly, having a detailed pool plan before starting a project is a time and money saver. It allows both the homeowner and contractors to look at details and ask questions up front. But, it’s also a vital part of complying with local building permit requirements. For example, the City of Phoenix Planning and Building Department, (along with virtually every City or County building department) requires a pool plan detailing dimensions, specifications and even pool equipment locations prior to approval. A professionally developed pool plan provides the necessary details used by the City of Phoenix building inspectors as they inspect and approve your pool project.

A great way to kick start your pool project on a budget is to select a pre-designed pool plan. These plans are tried and true, so there are no surprises. Choose a style and purchase a packaged plan that best suits your space. Prospective pool owners receive auto-CAD plans and specs, drawn to industry scale and including pool schematics such as depth details, layout points and equipment plumbing. These plans make it easy for the homeowner to communicate with contractors and compare pricing.

Of course, more customized plans are available for those who have specific design features in mind, or unusual space considerations. Pool consultants can review your home’s construction access, City or County setback requirements, and evaluate utility considerations. A professional pool consulting firm will provide clients with required City or County permit applications, owner builder forms and copies of the barrier and safety requirements before the project starts.They’ll also send the plan out for the first round of subcontract or quotes and provide clients with tracking tools like a pool sequence and bid sheet to organize bids for each phase of the pool construction project.

Whatever level of pool plan is selected by the homeowner, the important thing is that having basic construction knowledge and a plan in hand takes the mystery out of the process and puts you in control of your dream pool project.

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