How to Save Money on a Pool

Home in Arizona with a swimming pool in the backyard. Beautiful swimming pool design. Pool plan by BYOP. If you’re looking to save money on a pool and access the best construction services in Arizona or Texas, you have connected with the right resource. BYOP has everything that you need for the construction of your pool from A to Z. Build Your Own Pool has over 25 years of experience and saves homeowners thousands of dollars!

Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions

How Do I Get Started?

The first step in building a pool is to make a plan. Ordinarily, creating a plan for a large do-it-yourself project like this would be overwhelming. But, BYOP has a smooth process in place so that homeowners can efficiently oversee the construction of a pool. We provide beautiful pool designs and the right pool plan for your goals with step by step instructions.

First, choose a plan. Then review our pool designs. Call to speak with our design expert to discuss your pool design and yard specifications. We can help you formulate a budget, and you can apply for a home equity loan on our website. We will help you contact the township for permits and will give you a list of subcontractors. Some homeowners excavate the yard and dig the hole themselves to save extra money, and others hire a respected contractor. The process moves quickly, the finished project is typically completed in approximately 8 to 12 weeks. It all just depends on if you are adding any additional features such as landscaping or decking. We are ready and available to assist you.

How Much Money Can I Save by Building My Pool?

Many areas will affect your savings, including the size of the pool, additional water features and your landscaping choices. But, you will save thousands of dollars when you compare your final project with the cost available through a retail construction company. Most pool companies seek to maintain a 20% or higher profit ratio depending on the size of the project, and you will be able to reduce this profit ratio while expanding or minimizing your project to meet your desired budget.

How Do I Choose the Right Pool Design?

Picking your pool design is easy using the web site, plus design experts are available to talk with you. There is no perfect shape, but the design should be based on the placement of the house, fencing and structures like barns or garages. Sometimes the shape and style are determined from a specific vantage point, like a window or entryway, and sometimes the pool location is based on fencing. Our expert designers will work with you to match the neighborhood requirements, space, and structures with your ideal design.

How Will I Complete this Project?

Your BYOP pool plan will include construction checklists, pictures and review sheets that will help guide you through each step. Pool experts will assist you in obtaining city permits, reviewing loan options, and are available to answer each question.

Can I Afford a Pool?

Yes, you can afford a pool. BYOP has helped hundreds of customers successfully build their beautiful pool while saving thousands of dollars. Homeowners have exclusive access to pool designs, wholesale prices, equipment packages and recommended subcontractors. You can also apply for a pool loan on the BYOP website. The online application involves a brief, 60-second inquiry, which is approved instantly or within 24 hours. The loan can also be used to extend a deck, add a gazebo, complete some other home improvement projects and to increase the value of your home.

Which Water Features are Available?

Building a pool with BYOP will provide you with a vacation in your backyard. Multiple pool plans are available, and rocks and architectural features enhance a modern or rectangular shaped pool and an attached spa. Swimming pool in Texas, designed by BYOP. The swimming pool includes two beautiful water features. A fountain, waterfall, water wall, a spillover spa or misting system are just a few of the features that Texas and Arizona homeowners request. Special features are more affordable with Build Your Own Pool because clients have access to contractor grade products at a reduced price. Water features can fit your budget and personal taste and must match the proportion and scale of the pool and yard. Go ahead, envision your dream pool, and we will help you achieve those dreams. Visit

How Will I Choose the Right Pool Contractor?

Pool contractors can help your project run smoothly. Choosing trustworthy and experienced contractors is essential, so BYOP provides a list of recommended contractors along with the basic, preferred and premier plans. You will have access to the same contractors as big pool companies with all the same warranties, but you will save thousands of dollars!

Contact Build Your Own Pool Experts

Owning your own pool is an amazing opportunity that is available with huge savings. BYOP saves homeowners in Arizona or Texas thousands of dollars. If you are considering adding a beautiful pool to your home, visit the BYOP website to get started today.

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