How Pool Contractors Can Help You on Your DIY Pool

Contractor shaking hands with a client who is holding swimming pool drawings. If you’re looking to build your own pool, you’ve come to the right place. BYOP is a resource that provides professional design templates or custom swimming pool designs to help you achieve the pool of your dreams at a reduced cost. You can proceed on this extravagant DIY project on your own or with the help of professional contractors. BYOP will provide you with a list of recommended contractors in your area. These contractors are familiar with pool plans, building codes and who will help you apply for all required permits. 

Why Use Contractors? 

There are also key reasons why utilizing a professional contractor would benefit you. In addition to helping the project run more smoothly, contractors can provide you with some high-tech options that may otherwise be out of your reach. Have you thought about these five amazing possibilities that can transform your pool plans? 

Four Technology Upgrades and High-tech Options 

Imagine building a beautiful DIY pool that is cleaner, more attractive and healthier because it utilizes smart features that enhance its beauty and safety. Hiring electrical contractors and pool contractors from those recommended by Build Your Own Pool, is highly recommended if you’re interested in achieving some of these unique features. 

1. Smart Controls 

Smart technology can control your DIY pool’s heating, special lighting, water features, a vacuum system and more with a remote, automated system, computer or a mobile app. 

2. Smart Filters 

Smart filters battle mold and bacteria with rotating jets that create multiple pressurized water streams to remove contaminants. The continuous filtration system uses smart jets to stimulate continuous movement and to create beautifully clean, contaminant-free pool water. 

3. Smart Vac Cleaners

Smart vacuums are an option available through an experienced contractor and you can add to your swimming pool plans in smart cleaning zones. They rapidly clean within a few short hours providing exceptional reliability and a longer lasting clean pool. A smart vac is initially more expensive than traditional vacs but is considered a wise investment.  They require less maintenance and last much longer. 

4. Advanced Oxidation Technology 

High levels of chlorine can create eye irritation and instigate breathing problems, such as asthma. Advanced oxidation technology or AOP  helps to reduce the pool’s chlorine to the level that is used in drinking water. Advanced oxidation technology provides healthy levels of chlorine to disinfect the water while delivering healthy water for everyone to swim in. 

AOP technology is low-maintenance and economically friendly. This high-tech system provides immediate and lengthy sanitation. It is much easier than measuring chlorine using a manually operated chlorination system. 

Build Your Pool Today 

Technology upgrades can reduce the cost of upkeep and chemical use, plus provide you with more energy-efficient swimming pool designs. Visit Build Your Own Pool to review beautiful DIY pool designs and to obtain a list of specialized pool contractors in Arizona or Texas.

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