How Long Does it Take to Build a Swimming Pool

Pool construction is smooth when you use DIY project experts to build a gorgeous pool in Arizona and Texas. Is it possible for pool construction to be as easy as 1,2,3 when building your own pool? Yes, but with large investments like a swimming pool, there are multiple phases that must be considered. Choose the experts at BYOP to assist you in planning each stage. Here are some steps to help you prepare for the time needed. 

1. Choose Your Pool Plans and Design – One to Four weeks 

BYOP provides pool plans that fit every budget and can help you begin the design phase for your pool. Customized plans are also available with Build Your Own Pool design experts. Some collaboration and a review of the size of your backyard and its shape along with the placement of your home will be needed to ensure that you choose the best plans. This process usually takes between one and four weeks. 

2. Order and Obtain Permits – Two to Six Weeks 

BYOP will help you to acquire the necessary residential building permits for your beautiful new in-ground pool. Permits are required because they communicate with city officials, neighbors and pool contractors to ensure that your pool complies with all Arizona and Texas legal and safety requirements. The time needed to obtain permits varies in different towns. It typically takes two to six weeks to complete the necessary forms and to achieve a response from city officials with the approved permits. Some localities require more time than others to approve permits because they must be presented at board meetings. If your pool requires the involvement of an engineer, it could take several months. 

3. Pool Excavation – One Week 

You can complete a do-it-yourself pool project that includes multiple aspects, including digging in preparation of the installation. It typically takes one to two days to dig onsite, but some complications can arise. Utility lines and other obstructions can create obstructions, which point out the need for permits and inspections. A pool contractor may also be backlogged, so be sure to contact your contractors as soon as possible. BYOP has a list of recommended contractors in your area. 

4. Pool Installation Including Steel, Plumbing, Electrical – One to Two Weeks 

It is now time to lay the steel and rough in the electrical and plumbing. This involves a lot of systems including water features, lighting, spas and other amenities. This process can take two weeks or longer depending on the size and the intricacies of your pool design. 

5. Plastering, Gunite, Vinyl, Fiberglass – One to Three Weeks 

The next step is to install the pool. Depending on the type of pool that is being built, this process can take one to three weeks. Vinyl or fiberglass pools are quicker to install because the pool lining is shipped and installed directly. Gunite is a sprayed concrete pool that takes longer because it relies on a scheduled crew that must plaster and then wait for about one week for the gunite to cure. 

6. Building the Deck, Landscaping and Custom Details: One to Twelve Weeks 

After the pool base is complete, landscaping, water features and custom lighting are added. This process usually takes about two weeks but can take up to 12 weeks depending on the details of your project. 

Building Your Own Pool 

Building your own pool typically takes eight to 12 weeks but can take longer if you decide to do many extras or to complete the work by yourself. Contact BYOP today to start the process of choosing your design, requesting permits and contacting recommended pool contractors from our list. A fantastic pool is available at astonishingly low prices here at Build Your Own Pool.

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