Getting Started: How Build Your Own Pool Process Works

Children's and adults legs underwater in the swimming pool.Build Your Own Pool is a swimming pool and spa consulting service in the Metro-Phoenix area that empowers you as a consumer to take your dream plans of your ideal pool and bring that vision to fruition in your own backyard.

The process is simple, we help you access licensed and bonded swimming pool sub-contractors including excavators, plumbers, electricians, and deck companies among others so you are guaranteed the best price from a variety of talent. We also offer you wholesale prices on all of the major brands of pool equipment and provide construction checklists, planning, and budgeting guides that instruct you step-by-step through every phase of the pool building process. We want to save you money and time and have worked diligently for 25 years to collect the resources for homeowners, family, and friends to decide exactly what it is you want. We’ve streamlined the process for you to accomplish your swimming pool dreams.

To begin visit our website and download the What You Need to Know About Planning and Designing Your Own Swimming Pool. This comprehensive starter kit will walk you through the following steps:

  • Designing your swimming pool
  • Understanding the big picture of your backyard
  • Design features and inspiration
  • Design details and specifications necessary for subcontractors
  • Setting up your construction budget
  • Creating your construction plan
  • Pool construction permits
  • Navigating homeowner’s associations
  • Pool equipment needs
  • Creating a pool care and maintenance routine

If you don’t feel like going it alone, we also have an array of pool plan packages that you can select from to build your own pool. Ranging from basic or pre-designed to select or preferred, we have swimming pool experts to aid you through the entire design process.

Contact us to get started today so tomorrow you can relax by your own private pool paradise.


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