Finding the Right Fire Bowls

How to Find the Perfect Fire Bowls

4 squared images of different fire bowls and water features in a pool, in the center is a circular icon that has a fire bowl with a text box that says fire bowls.

You’ve got a beautiful pool, it looks great by day, but when the sun goes down the pool lights just don’t do it justice. You need something to really bring your backyard to life, I recommend fire bowls.

Fire bowls are a great way to dress up your pool and you can customize yours to fit your pool perfectly. Choose your own:

  • Fuel Bowl
  • Material
  • Size and Shape


There are advantages to both propane and natural gas, depending on where and how your fire features are placed. If your home doesn’t have natural gas, you will need to use propane. Make sure you have room to hide a propane tank near your fire bowl, (perhaps in the pedestal).
If you have access to natural gas, its cheaper and easier to plumb the gas directly from your home. Natural gas is less expensive and easier to conceal. Propane on the other hand is much more efficient, producing 2,500 BTU’s to the 1,000 BTU’s from natural gas. Be sure to always check with a licensed and bonded contractor when working with gas.

Bowl Material

For the most part, the best material for your fire bowl is the one that fits your pool style. Safety is a consideration, but most manufacturers have already taken that into consideration. The most common are concrete, stainless steel and copper.
The burner is near the top and in most cases are filled with lava rocks, sand or some other insulating material.
Pick the bowl you like best, your pool probably has a theme, which will make it easier to match the correct material to the rest of your pool design.

Size and Shape

The size and shape of your fire bowls will depend on the aesthetics of your pool design. Small bowls make a great focal point high up on the far wall of your pool. Large bowls can sit right down near the water, or water feature bringing a mesmerizing fire on water look. A large bowl placed like this, on the edge of the pool can also make an excellent place for friends to gather in deck chairs.

Despite the actual shape of the shell, we refer to them as bowls. Some are square, round, oval, rectangle, tapered in at the bottom, have a customized upper edge… The possibilities are practically limitless. After you have chosen the fuel, material and size, you can start picking the shape that will best compliment your personality and back yard.

Don’t get overwhelmed with the variety of options, just take it one step at a time and you will see that after making these decisions, one at a time, you will whittle the options down to a manageable level. We’re always here for you if you still feel overwhelmed, and we can help you pick the perfect fire bowls for your pool.

Make a statement, make your own rules, Build Your Own Pool and Save Thousands.

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